Crowdfunding campaign raises over $40,000 to support live music at Rainbow Bistro


The goal was to raise $37,000 in 37 days to celebrate 37 years of the music hall located in downtown Ottawa.

A crowdfunding campaign supporting live music at a downtown music hall exceeded its goal thanks to the generous support of the people of Ottawa.

Danny Sivyer, owner of Rainbow Bistro in the ByWard Market, joined Sam Laprade’s show on April 6 to discuss the success of the campaign, which aimed to hire musical artists who haven’t worked much due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and spread the love of live music in the city.

Launched at the end of February, the goal was to raise $37,000 in 37 days to celebrate Rainbow Bistro’s 37th anniversary. The initiative ended up raising just over $40,000.

“We are thrilled,” Sivyer said on Sam Laprade’s show April 6. “There are a lot of people who want live music to continue and it wasn’t about paying bills or anything like that, it was about bringing in artists out of work.”

Sivyer is grateful to know that there is strong community support for live music in Ottawa, and several business leaders in the capital have stepped up to support the club during difficult times.

Sivyer said there was a time when he thought last fall would be the end of Rainbow Bistro, until he was able to secure generous donations from private and public sector companies, as well than government grants to help keep the Rainbow Bistro afloat.

Money from different support streams has led to improvements to the facility, including a state-of-the-art sound system, new lighting and video streaming capabilities.

“We’ve been booking groups like crazy since we reopened,” he added. “Things have really fallen into place over the last six months or so.”

Sivyer teased that a major Canadian act will be performing at Rainbow Bistro over the next two months, and said more will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Listen to Danny Sivyer’s interview on The Sam Laprade Show on April 6 below:


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