Destination BC is contributing $6.7 million to a global marketing campaign to attract international visitors to the province


Destination BC announced the launch of a $6.7 million marketing campaign with the goal of attracting international visitors to the province in 2022 and 2023.

The campaign, titled The British Columbia Effect – Find Yourself, will target travelers from key long-haul markets including the UK, Australia, California, Ontario and Washington State.

Destination BC says the campaign aims to inspire its global audience to “tap into something bigger, awaken a deeper connection, gain a different perspective and find themselves – in every sense of the word – all in Colombia. -British”.

The campaign will use television, video, newsprint, magazines and digital ads to produce content focused on the “transformative powers of British Columbia’s nature” while also focusing on the motivations of trip that the province has to offer. These interests include rainforests, mountains, oceans, wildlife, close-to-nature cities, indigenous experiences, and sustainability.

According to Destination BC, the campaign will also feature tactical travel planning tools, including links to major tour operators in overseas markets, travel deals and Know Before You Go travel information.

“BC’s tourism industry has relied on each other to get through the pandemic and will continue to do so – more than ever – as we look to recovery. The BC Effect – Find Yourself, is a true demonstration of this collaboration in action and will help British Columbia compete on the global stage as global travel reopens,” said Maya Lange, Vice President of Global Marketing at Destination BC. “We are deeply grateful to Indigenous Tourism BC for their partnership and openness to sharing the authentic values ​​and transformative powers of Super, Natural British Columbia with the world.

Destination BC says a significant part of the marketing campaign follows the idea that when we open up to nature, nature will open up to us and, in turn, change us for the better. This concept will be showcased in videos developed in partnership with Indigenous Tourism BC, including a poem by Haida writer Cohen Isberg, and a series of videos slated for release over the next few months featuring Indigenous storytellers.

The tourism organization says investment is being made in global markets because international travellers, as they spend more time and money in BC than domestic travellers, are therefore deemed essential to the recovery of the industry. Destination BC says pre-covid international travelers accounted for about 25% of visitor volume in British Columbia, but accounted for about 50% of visitor spending.

The Government of British Columbia also recently announced additional funding of $6 million for Destination BC to support international marketing efforts through 2024.

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