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Over the past 30 years, Ted Elo and Terri Lowdon have practiced law in various locations. Both have inspiring stories regarding their educational pursuits and contributions to the city.

Both are candidates for the post of municipal judge to replace John Boeh, who is retiring.

Lowdon’s top priorities center on the money order and collection systems at St. Joseph. She emphasizes her experience as a private lawyer in municipal court cases.

Elo focuses its priorities on issues related to the maintenance of property in the community and other aspects of the appearance of the city. His campaign emphasizes his experience as an assistant city attorney.

Both candidates are concerned about the current probation system and want to find creative ways to approach this issue from a municipal perspective. Improving the neighborhood through effective law enforcement, as Lowdon points out, is indeed important. Elo is focused on moving code enforcement cases through the court system faster and finding more effective ways to entice absentee owners to maintain appearances of ownership.

Both recognize that some aspects of the current municipal system are broken. Lowdon said police shortages and the way officers are used contribute to the problem. Elo notes that officers serving warrants aren’t a current problem, partly because the state has cut funding and also because the understaffed force can’t dedicate an officer to serving warrants. Therefore, according to Elo, the most immediate impact a municipal judge can have is related to more efficient and creative ways to deal with large property trespasses that affect the overall appearance of the city. He believes his experience working at City Hall as an assistant attorney gives him an edge in solving this vital issue.

Because of his focus on the property issues that have long plagued St. Joseph, as well as the broader aspect of municipal court system code enforcement, we endorse Theodore “Ted” Elo for the position of Municipal Judge. of St. Joseph.


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