Fighting for Wisconsin SuperPAC: Republican primary for gubernatorial campaign tightens, new poll shows


(Menomonee Falls, WI) – Today, Fight for Wisconsin, a SuperPac supporting Kevin Nicholson’s gubernatorial bid, released a new poll conducted by Remington Research Group (RRG) showing that the Republican primary for governor is has tightened considerably over the past two months. The poll was conducted at the end of a nearly $1 million ad buy by Fighting for Wisconsin. The ad is visible here.

RRG’s voting note is attached below

The results of the survey of Republican primary voters in Wisconsin are clear: Unlike establishment politicians who only offer cheap talk, Kevin Nicholson’s record of results-driven action resonates meaningful to voters. RRG’s results reveal a dramatic 38-point swing toward Nicholson among Republican primary voters compared to a previous January survey by WPAi, another major national polling firm.

Some of the key takeaways from the survey:

* Compared to WPAi’s January survey, Kevin Nicholson’s net preference has increased from +19 to +25.

* Kevin Nicholson’s voting percentage in the Republican primary has risen from 8% in January to 29% today.

* Rebecca Kleefisch has seen both a significant drop in her approval ratings and a stunning double-digit drop in her share of the primary vote.

Fighting for Wisconsin spokesman Carlton Huffman said, “The more voters learn about Kevin Nicholson, the more they like him. These results underscore that voters are looking for doers, not talkers. That’s why Kevin’s numbers in all categories are up while race talkers have seen their numbers go down. As Republican voters seek a doer to remove Tony Evers, it’s clear that Kevin Nicholson is the action candidate who will deliver.

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