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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) – Houston County Women’s Republicans welcomed the candidates for United States Senator and Governor to campaign at their monthly meeting.

Katie Boyd Britt, Sen. Shelby’s former chief of staff, explained how she wants to make sure Alabamians have a seat at the table and no child’s ZIP code will determine their opportunity.

Latest polls show Britt trailing Mike Durant, but she believes being born and raised in the state will set her apart from her opponents.

“I will also fight for our values, make sure we seal our border, complete the wall and hold China accountable as we watch what is happening in our country with continual overspending and debt. that we impute to our children,” Britt mentioned.

His opponent, Rep. Mo Brooks, who has been a congressman in the Huntsville area since 2011, says his record speaks for itself. He plans to fight for stronger border security, fight life, and protect the Second Amendment – ​​the right to bear arms.

Recently, Brooks lost his support for former President Donald Trump, but he says he’s still in a good place if you look at the stats and don’t get caught up in the attack ads, which made up most of his speech.

“I have a long track record of opposing higher taxes that hurt family incomes. Katie Britt, on the other hand, has backed more tax increases than any other Republican in Alabama history. , higher incomes, taxes on gasoline, property, utilities, taxes on cars”,

Speaking of taxes, Lindy Blanchard, who is vying for Governor Ivey’s seat in May, intends to make things easier on Alabamians financially.

“Going back by suspending the gas tax, getting rid of the grocery tax, getting rid of the business privilege tax, getting rid of business licenses, whatever we can do to restart those businesses that failed under Governor Ivey.

The Republican primary is May 24.


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