Governor Kim Reynolds stops in Sioux City for his re-election campaign


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds stopped by Sioux City on Friday as part of her re-election campaign and discussed a number of local issues with the Siouxlanders at the Wheelhouse Bar and Grill.

Reynolds said Iowans face a number of challenges, from the pandemic to the derechos. She also referred to the state’s decision to allow schools to resume in-person classes. She said the decision was carried out safely.

“When DC said trust [Dr. Anthony] Fauci, I said let’s trust our parents,” Reynolds said. “We did it in a safe and responsible way and we listened to the science.”

Reynolds said Iowa was the first school to get kids back into classrooms, and she said she’s proud the state is banning mask mandates. Reynolds said one of the state’s goals is to support schools as well as parents.

“We have invested more in our education system every year, but we are also – and both can happen at the same time – we are also giving our parents school choice and transparency,” she said. .

As discussions about carbon dioxide pipelines continue across the state, Reynolds says his administration appreciates the concerns of landowners.

“I’ll sit down with anyone and have a conversation about an issue that’s on their mind. We have a process in place. We have worked very hard to incorporate meaningful language into the Iowa code to ensure that we are protecting our farmers”

A bill had been introduced in the Iowa Senate earlier in the year that would have limited the use of eminent domain for such projects, but that bill died in committee.


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