Grain Foods Foundation Announces Launch of “Better Together” Campaign


WASHINGTON — Since its inception in 2004, the Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) has become a trusted advocate for all grain foods. The GFF has established itself as a science-based source of grain nutrition information, in part for building a respected arsenal of published, peer-reviewed nutritional research, as well as investing in successful partnerships with a diversity of experts in the field of nutritional science. GFF’s work to make the science around grain food nutrition accessible is a fundamental goal, striving to give Americans permission to enjoy grain-based products and have confidence in that choice. By choosing grains, individuals are nourishing their families with foods that serve as carriers of even better nutrition, especially when paired with other nutrient-dense foods.

With the “Better Together” campaign, the GFF will provide simple ways for Americans to easily adopt whole grain and fortified grain food products into their diets, maximizing flavor, variety and nutritional opportunities. “Better Together” inspires cereal, as well as whole plate combinations, which include carbohydrates, dietary fiber, several B vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and folic acid) and minerals (iron, magnesium and selenium).

Using the mix and match motif, the campaign features a website, digital assets, as well as social media posts to spread the good news about combining whole grain and fortified foods and the wealth in nutrients that comes from combining grain-based foods with other nutritious foods. players on the plate. Here are some mix and match scenarios in the enriched grains and whole grains category:

  • A fun “checkerboard” sandwich made with half enriched white bread and half whole wheat bread topped with your favorite meat and veggies
  • Combine half white pasta with half whole wheat pasta with your favorite sauce
  • Cook half white rice and half brown rice and pair them with your favorite vegetables
  • Mix a “serious” whole grain cereal with a “fun” enriched cereal topped with milk and fruit. Here are some of our favorite combinations.

Additionally, the GFF will partner with other nutrition advocacy and education groups to post nutrition tips and recipe swaps to advance the idea that variety provides optimal nutrition.

“The GFF wants to lead the way by sharing the message that increasing consumption of whole grains does not require decreasing consumption of fortified cereals. In fact, by recognizing the nutritional contributions of both grain food categories and then combining them, consumers will receive best-in-class nutrition,” said Erin Ball, Acting Executive Director of the GFF. “And going one step further, pairing grain foods with vegetables, fruits, low-fat protein, and dairy creates nutrient-dense and often budget-friendly super meals. The opportunities are endless.

Those interested in more information about the Foundation, research results and the “Better Together” campaign can visit Further readings and announcements regarding the campaign will be posted on the GFF website and social media accounts throughout 2022.

About the Grain Foods Foundation
Established in 2004, Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) is a group of thought leaders and advocates for all grain foods and believes that everyone needs grain foods to enjoy a happy, healthy life. Committed to science-based nutrition education programming, the GFF is a strong advocate for our members and a resource for consumers and the media who want to learn more about the role of grains in a well-balanced eating pattern. . The GFF offers research-based information and resources to members, partners, influencers, policymakers and consumers through a comprehensive communications campaign, conferences, webinars, research tools, social media and Moreover. GFF is committed to providing factual and common sense information to the consumer. For more information, visit


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