‘Halo Infinite’ Season 2 Will Run For 6 Months, Co-op Campaign Set To End August


Developer 343 Industries has released the official content roadmap and planned updates for “Halo Infinite” Season 2, confirming that the season will run for six months in total. As for the highly anticipated co-op campaign, the studio is aiming for release in late August.

The season 2 roadmap was published in a recent blog post by “Halo Infinite” Creative Lead Joseph Staten. Limited-time content and events already have specific times, while others remain “targets” and “goals.” One of them is the long-awaited campaign co-op.

According to the latest “Halo Infinite” roadmap, the “target” release of the co-op campaign is the end of August. However, its split-screen feature isn’t expected to launch until Season 3.

“Halo Infinite” players will have to wait longer for Forge mode. Its open beta is slated to launch in September, but the roadmap also lists Forge’s open beta in updates planned for the game’s third season, which won’t begin until November 8.

Some fans might find this latest content roadmap isn’t as comprehensive as one might expect for a season that spans six months. But Staten noted, “The roadmap timeline will also lengthen as we announce longer-term initiatives. In other words, this roadmap is a living document, and we will let you know when we make changes to it.

One of the issues raised by “Halo Infinite” players in recent months is the speed at which new content is delivered by 343 Industries. While Staten didn’t make any specific promises on that front, he said the developers were “aggressively looking for ways to accelerate.”

The roadmap reiterates the release of new maps for “Halo Infinite” Season 2, including Catalyst for Arena and Breaker for Big Team Battle. The developer also reiterated the arrival of new game modes King of the Hill, Land Grab and Last Spartan Standing once the next season starts on May 3. Story-driven events scheduled for Season 2 include “Interference” from May 3-16 and “Alpha Pack” from July 18-August 1. The first week of “Fracture: Rooted” will begin on May 24.


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