Marcus Rashford supports Aldi’s reading campaign to donate 100,000 books to children


Marcus Rashford MBE has backed a campaign by Aldi supermarket to donate £100,000 to children this summer.

The England footballer said he started reading books as a teenager, but the “escape and joy” of reading could have benefited him greatly as a child.

“I didn’t read properly until I was 17, and I don’t want that for other people like me,” Rashford said.

“The escape and joy you can get from reading could have benefited me tremendously as a child.”

As part of the campaign, Rashford narrated an animation called My Reading Journey, which was commissioned by Aldi and illustrated by Lisa Stickley.

As part of the campaign, Manchester United player and campaigner Marcus Rashford narrated an animation called My Reading Journey (Aldi/PA)

The story follows a young boy who is offered a book by his neighbor and shows how his bus journey transforms as he reads and imagines the different characters.

Rashford said: “The issue has always been access and representation – two areas the Marcus Rashford Book Club is focused on.”

“Struggling to put food on the table, there was very little money left for things like books, so it’s great to see Aldi stepping in to meet a growing need for book access in communities like the mine.

“It’s important that children can see a much bigger world than what they see on their doorstep and that can be achieved through books.”

According to a study by the National Literacy Trust, one in 17 children in the UK do not have a book at home.

Charities predict that number could rise next year due to the cost of living crisis.

The 100,000 books donated by Aldi will be produced by Macmillan Children’s Books and distributed with the support of the charity Magic Breakfast, which provides free breakfasts to children and young people in schools in deprived areas.

Additional copies will also be donated via the Neighbourly donation platform.

Customers were encouraged to donate additional funds for the campaign, £5 equivalent to the cost of approximately two donated books.

Giles Hurley, Managing Director of Aldi UK and Ireland, said: “At Aldi, we believe that access to books, like quality food, should be a right, not a privilege; every child deserves to discover the magic of reading.

“Not only are we donating over 100,000 books to children in need, but this campaign also aims to raise awareness of the growing number of children who do not have access to their own books at home so that those who have the chance to be able to do it, have the chance to help too.

For more information and to donate a book to a child in need, visit:


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