Newman Catholic Schools Launches “Making Disciples Now and Forever” Fundraising Campaign | News


MASON CITY, Iowa — This is a project to transform the face of Catholic schools in Newman.

The “Forming Disciples Now and Forever” fundraising campaign aims to raise $15 million to update facilities such as classrooms, build a new center for dual students and a library, a new gym, strengthen the security and strengthen the school’s endowment for teacher salaries and tuition assistance.

Although Junior Elisabeth Carlsson won’t be at school when the planned updates are complete, her four younger siblings will be able to see the progress from scratch. Nonetheless, she is thrilled with the updates.

“I think it will make Newman a bit more competitive with schools in the area. It will kind of bring us up to date, up to code.”

One addition Carlsson is looking forward to is air conditioning.

“We’ve already missed school because of how hot it is here. Every room has fans, at least 3-4, and it’s getting heavy. Finally, having air conditioning, updating the lockers, that makes me makes me very excited.”

Already, $4.2 million of the initial $5 million “Tier 1 Celebration Goal” has been raised. Level 1 will include increasing endowments, adding security cameras, repairing the school chapel sacristy and adding a much-needed air conditioning system, among other critical infrastructure repairs .

For more information about the campaign, call 641-423-6939 or click here.


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