Scott Morrison will appeal to empty nests at Coalition campaign launch


Prime Minister Scott Morrison is expected to unveil a new scheme to encourage older Australians to sell their family homes when he finally kicks off the Coalition election campaign in Brisbane later on Sunday.

With just six days left in a six-week election campaign, Mr Morrison will use the launch to outline a plan that would lower the age at which Australians can downsize their property and invest up to $300,000 per person of the product in the retirement pension.

The current age to take advantage of the cap was to be lowered from 65 to 60 from July 1. The age would be further lowered to 55.

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese will also be in Brisbane on Sunday, where he will unveil a billion dollar advanced manufacturing scheme.

The Advanced Manufacturing Fund would provide companies with access to capital to diversify their operations and take advantage of new research and development opportunities.

“Labour believes Australia can once again become a country that makes a difference with national reconstruction focused on advanced manufacturing and the creation of local employment opportunities for the next generation,” Albanese said.

The package would be funded by Labour’s $15 billion National Reconstruction Fund.

AUKUS anger

With the election less than a week away and with the government trailing Labor in every poll, Mr Morrison came under attack on Saturday after it emerged the coalition had ignored US insistence on that Labor be included in negotiations to join the AUKUS deal.

Senior Biden administration officials have insisted the United States will only consider proceeding with the historic AUKUS deal, including the purchase of nuclear submarines, if it has the support of Labor, Nine newspapers reported.

“It is extraordinary that the Prime Minister has broken that faith and trust with our most important ally by not briefing Australian Labor on these matters,” Mr Albanese said on Sunday.

The Labor leader said he was briefed by officials less than 24 hours before the deal was publicly announced.

“He is a Prime Minister who is always playing short-term politics – who is not interested in the national interest,” Mr Albanese said.

On Saturday, Mr Morrison said his leadership style would be more empathetic if re-elected, acknowledging he had a “bulldozer way”.

Speaking from the Victorian seat of Deakin, held by the Liberals by a 4.8 per cent margin, the Prime Minister said voters could expect a more collaborative leader if he defied the polls on May 21.

“I will seek to explain my motivations and concerns, and empathize a lot more,” he said.

Applicant concerns

The Liberal Party will ask the Australian Electoral Commission to investigate a potential breach of the rules. The Labor candidate for the Parramatta seat provided the AEC with an incorrect residential address.

Andrew Charlton is believed to have broken election laws after listing a Woollahra rental property owned by his wife as his place of residence, despite moving to Parramatta constituency last month.

Mr Albanese said he expects the election rules “will always be followed”, but would confirm whether he would take further action against Mr Charlton,


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