Shanghai launches campaign in decisive battle against raging COVID-19


A volunteer disinfects a classroom at a middle school in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area on April 21, 2022. Photo: VCG

The Shanghai municipal government announced late Thursday that the city would launch an extensive campaign to eliminate the transmission of COVID-19 in communities. It includes nine areas, including community control, testing, traditional Chinese medicine intervention, and fallout prevention.

The campaign, launched immediately after its release on Thursday, is in line with the requirement Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan made during her visit to the city to unswervingly stick to the dynamic zero-COVID strategy.

Sun, who inspected anti-epidemic work in Shanghai, urged local authorities to take decisive action to eliminate all infections at the community level by overcoming difficulties and building confidence.

More positive signs have emerged thanks to the decisive measures launched since April 15. With the epidemic situation still severe, Shanghai is now at a crucial stage in bringing community transmission to zero.

The city set the goals of city-wide static management, screening of all members, comprehensive epidemiological examination, thorough disinfection and correction of the whole process gaps. And to achieve these goals, nine task areas have been deployed.

First, community control and management will be implemented strictly to minimize the flow of personnel. People in closed areas will continue to stay home and have their essentials delivered, while people in controlled areas will be asked to stay in the community. Residents of prevention zones are prohibited from gathering.

Those required to quarantine at home will have sensors placed on their doors and the health codes will turn red.

Second, the city will continue to conduct large-scale testing based on different areas and risk levels.

Nucleic acid testing will be carried out once a day in locked compounds, while in controlled areas a combination of three days of antigen testing and two days of nucleic acid testing will be carried out. In the prevention zones, residents will take antigen tests for four days and nucleic acid tests for one day.

Staff who provide social services to the city, such as couriers, are required to take one nucleic acid test and two antigen tests each day.

Meanwhile, seven other tasks involving epidemiological examinations, transfer and quarantine, TCM intervention, disinfection and overflow prevention will be carried out.

Infection cases in Shanghai have declined for four consecutive days and more people are being discharged from designated or temporary hospitals, according to media reports.

In the battle to resume economic activities, many businesses in Shanghai and the wider Yangtze River Delta region are resuming operations, as authorities rolled out a slew of measures, including a ‘whitelist’ of businesses keys cleared to resume work, to tackle logistics issues.


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