The next citrus campaign comes up against assumptions devoid of logic


“As already highlighted at the start of the citrus campaign in October 2021 at the international trade fair Anuga in Cologne, the entire citrus supply chain suffered unsustainable increases on all production assets, including energy costs , packaging, chemicals. In addition, compared to the 2020/21 campaign – despite the 50% reduction in the volume of fruit available for processing – the market has maintained lower prices than in the previous campaign”, said Salvatore Imbesi, director of Ortogel, a major international supplier of citrus juices sourced exclusively from Sicilian crops.

Ortogel is historically a company that aims to provide high quality references using technological systems and high-level processing lines, regularly updated at the pace of research and innovation.

Sulla questione caporalato, Ortogel punta alla filiera transparente

“The economic rules of the relationship between supply and demand for determining prices seem out of balance. Citrus growers are starting to prepare the ground for the next citrus campaign, despite the global situation. This means paying unsustainable prices for all the factors of production: fertilizers, fuel, energy, pesticides, labor in the fields. Without any guarantee.”

Imbesi calls on professional associations “to remedy these anomalies with the institutions”. What has been said for the citrus industry also applies to the pomegranate, prickly pear and other summer fruit agro-food industries, which still do not have an agricultural land register, a production register or a mark that protects the effective productivity of the installations… The seriousness of the situation is easy to understand, if we consider that the price of blond oranges on the market today is lower than that of 40 years ago . certainty for the 2022/23 citrus campaign is the aforementioned increase in production costs. Under what conditions can the supply chain plan its production and operations in a scenario supported by assumptions that have no economic logic or sustainability? »

Ai minimi storici produzioni e prezzi dei derivati ​​​​di arancia rossa

“There seems to be a misunderstanding of this worrying scenario that has marked the latter part of the 2021 citrus campaign, clouded by disappointing international fairs where the only exception was for trade associations who declare themselves satisfied to have been able to share themes and to receive consensus for their efforts and the results obtained. How is this true? – continued Salvatore Imbesi.

“In this regard, it is worth mentioning that for decades all trade unions have been asking for the protection of the citrus industry, having also signed the citrus industry framework agreement for processed products, in order to to obtain supply chain rules, so far ignored. These are fundamental conditions to guarantee production, as has been requested for years. These conditions are a register of citrus fruits and an update of the directives that establish the sales names of the fruit juices with inclusion of the designation of origin of the raw materials: Italian blood orange, Italian blonde orange, Italian lemon, Italian mandarin… Without these guarantees, the entire sector will continue to suffer the anomalies of a market that thwarts the laws of supply and demand.”

“No response was then given after the approval on July 28, 2018 of the proposal to revise the European directive on fruit juices and other similar products intended for food. It was requested to include in the Directive 2001/112/EC the specific name blood orange for beverages obtained using exclusively fruit juices of pigmented varieties with an anthocyanin content greater than 60 mg/l. In the absence of such a reference, the juice of blood orange, as it was until now, can also be a red product obtained by subsequent coloring of blond oranges, with the addition of dyes, such as cochineal red (E 120).

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