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While the standard campaign can take days or even weeks to fully complete, players who want a faster experience can opt for Total War: Warhammer 3 new multiplayer mini-campaigns: Darkness and Discord and Something rotten in Kislev. Focused on more condensed action, these scenarios are designed to be completed in one sitting and are a nice change from the typical long format.

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This guide covers how to create a Darkness and Disharmony campaign, what the fundamental changes are, as well as general strategy advice on how best to play the smaller format.


How to start the campaign

Darkness and Disharmony Total War Warhammer 3 Multiplayer Campaign Selection

As a smaller campaign designed to be played with friends, you can only access Darkness and Disharmony from the Multiplayer Campaign menu item. From there you can click Host, which will bring up the campaign selection screen. Besides choosing darkness and disharmony, you can also set your preference game name And one optional password.

Once you’ve created the lobby, you can select your starting faction and invite your friends. Darkness and Disharmony can sustain up to a maximum of eight players, and the selectable factions are:

  • Cathay (the two lords)
  • Ogre Kingdoms (both Lords)
  • Khorne
  • Nurgle
  • Tzeentch
  • Slaanesh

Kislev and the Daemons of Chaos are excluded, as they are the champions of the other mini-campaign: Something rotten in Kislev. Once all player factions have been selected, all you need to do is select Ready, and the campaign will be launched. You cannot currently start a solo Darkness and Disharmony Campaign.​​

Campaign Details

Starting Mission in Darkness and Disharmony Total War Campaign Warhammer 3

Darkness and Disharmony provides a much smaller map than the main campaign. Centered around the lands of cathayLegendary Lord starting positions have been changed to incorporate all factions into the smaller landmass, though Miao Ying and Zhao Ming retain their original starting locations.

The campaign uses Total War: Warhammer 3 simultaneous rounds feature, which should result in significantly improved turn speeds, and means players will experience more dynamism when it comes to campaign movement. Reaching a location before your opponents becomes crucial and encourages aggressive strategies to quickly claim territory.

When it comes to achieving victory, Darkness and Disharmony features a new style of aiming. Players will win a victory point to control a colony at the end of their turn, and the first player to reach forty Victory Points is declared the winner. If no player has reached forty points per to be thirty years oldthe game will automatically end, with the current points leader winning instead.

Victory Goals Darkness And Disharmony Total War Warhammer 3

Because of the new Campaign objective being based on your victory points, expansion quickly becomes the strategy of choice. You won’t have time to sit and build, and while game-to-game dynamics vary depending on the number and style of players, it’s always best to rush to capture your settlements early. closer. Being able to secure many settlements will allow you to accumulate a large amount of points and can guarantee you a victory even if several other players attack you. Each settlement has the same value, so avoiding more heavily defended areas and taking several minor settlements is another great strategy.

Certain factions and lords have distinct advantages, as those with stronger units in the early game will have an easier time. You will run out of time to build an efficient infrastructure, so armies that can move quickly and not stop to wait supplies for the wounded will be fine too. Your settlements will start at level four, but some factions will still struggle to recruit significant high-level units before the game ends.

  • Khorne in particular is extremely loud, like its blood host mechanics can quickly overwhelm opponents, but at the cost of to shave colonies and run out of victory points.

The smaller map size forces players into conflict, and because Darkness and Disharmony is designed as a free-for-all game mode, the power of AI diplomacy is significantly weakened. Knowing the positioning of your neighbors is essential and you must be ready to capitalize on any misfortune suffered by your opponents.

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