VisitScotland unveils campaign to help people enjoy Scotland responsibly


WITH the Easter holidays heralding what is traditionally considered the start of Scotland’s tourist season, VisitScotland has unveiled a new campaign to help visitors and locals enjoy Scotland safely and responsibly..

Keep Scotland Unspoiled will use social media, local radio and digital marketing to educate, inspire and inform people on issues such as water safety, fire safety, dog control and the need to adhere to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code .

It comes as new research from VisitScotland reveals almost a fifth of residents in Scotland believe one of the benefits of tourism is that it showcases Scotland’s beauty. The same research also revealed that over 80% of respondents believed that tourism improves the local economy and helps generate economic growth in the region.

However, in recent years there has been an apparent increase in irresponsible behavior in a number of places, including littering, environmental damage, fire hazards, wildlife disturbance and unsafe waste disposal. growing concern.

As more and more people vacationed at home, many were unaware of the impact their visits had on the surrounding landscapes, wildlife and communities.

In an effort to address the issue, VisitScotland and a number of partners have come together to develop a strategic and co-ordinated Scotland-wide approach to visitor management, which included a series of dedicated campaigns to inspire and educate adventurers and “first-time” outdoor visitors on how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. It is estimated that at least 83% of adults in Scotland have seen activity from the national tourism organization or its partners who have offered reminders on how to enjoy the countryside and leave no trace of their visit .

As part of its efforts this year to reach younger audiences, VisitScotland is also working with some of Scotland’s top travel influencers who will be creating content for their channels on the topics of camping, water safety, going out with dogs and motorhomes.

Advice will also be available for those involved in the tourism industry through a toolkit of images, films and other digital resources, hosted on the organization’s website.

Vicki Miller, VisitScotland’s Marketing and Digital Director, said“With the recent warmer weather it has been great to hear people get out and experience all that Scotland has to offer. This is vital if the industry is to recover from the impacts of COVID-19.

“However, our ambition is to ensure that when people enjoy Scotland, they do so in a way that not only protects them, but also others and the surrounding environment. We all have a duty to protect the natural, social and cultural assets that make Scotland so special.

“Being a responsible tourist and respecting and protecting our environment and our communities makes for a better experience for everyone.”

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