YouTube closes Women’s Month with ‘Raise a Voice’ campaign

The event, organized for South African content creators, aimed to provide inspiration, education and networking opportunities – and launched a series of YouTube masterclasses in Africa which will run throughout the year. .

Depending on the event, guests in attendance came from all corners of YouTube content, ranging from:

  • beauty
  • Travel
  • fashion and lifestyle
  • technology, and
  • finance.

Zeph Masote, Head of YouTube for South Africa, says, “YouTube represents every voice and one of our goals is to achieve gender equality in our portfolio of representation within our creator ecosystem. 2022, we are committed to supporting women creators with a focus on starting a movement for newcomers to this space.”

Content creator Nicolette Mashile was one of the featured speakers at the event and praised YouTube’s efforts to uplift female content creators.

Mashile adds, “I love that today’s session is all about women; we don’t see that enough in society. There were so many learnings that the ladies who attended can put implement in their own channels and use them to become successful businesses.”

“Raise a Voice” is a project that invites leading creators from all industries and industries to rise up and inspire other young, up-and-coming creators to accelerate their creative journey on YouTube.

The masterclass series aims to provide tools and resources – particularly in underrepresented key content verticals such as technology, film and finance – to help female voices succeed through:

  • workshops
  • mentoring, and
  • networking.

Asha Patel, Head of Marketing for South Africa, says: “At YouTube, fostering community and storytelling has always been a crucial part of our philosophy. Storytelling is the tool that allows creators to connect with their audience and we’re excited to work with our creators to help them unleash that power even more.”

“YouTube celebrates the diversity, uniqueness and stories that women bring to our platform. Our hope is to start a positive movement to inspire others and show that we lift ourselves up by lifting others up,” concludes Masote.

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