How do we compile this list of the best washing machines? Learn more about the subject in this heavy article!

How do we compile this list of the best washing machines? Learn more about the subject in this heavy article!

In addition to user reviews and tests by the Consumers’ Association, we conduct our own independent research. It is not possible to test every new model, so we make a balanced selection. We look at popular brands and make a division between front loaders, top loaders and washer-dryers. We also try to test washing machines in every price range. One of the favourites is to Bosch wasmachine vergelijken to find the best product of this year.

  • In this best washing machine test we give ratings on a number of factors. Important features in our research include washing results, drying capacity, energy consumption, programmes, noise level and ease of use. Unfortunately we can’t test the lifespan, but in this blog you can read more about the lifespan of washing machines.

Washing results washing machines

What do you expect from a good washing machine? Good washing results of course. That’s why we test how clean laundry comes out of the machine. We do this with different types of stains and with the cotton and synthetic program. These are the most commonly used washing programmes.

Drying capacity test

Don’t you have a dryer? Then it’s nice when the laundry comes out of the washing machine dry. In our best washing machine test we also look at the drying results. How dry is the laundry after spinning? How many revolutions does the washing machine use and what is the residual moisture percentage?

Energy consumption of the washing machine

With a washing machine it is important to look at the water consumption and power consumption. We don’t just look at the annual energy consumption and the energy class. We also take the consumption per cycle into account in our assessment. We measure the energy consumption for the cotton and synthetic programme.

Washing programmes

Although the cotton and synthetic washing programmes are by far the most widely used, we also look at the complete range of programmes on offer. Do you often have specific types of laundry? Like jeans, sportswear or baby clothes? Then it is desirable that your new washing machine has a special program for this. These programs offer the best cleaning and care for this specific laundry.

Washing machine noise level

You don’t want to be inconvenienced by your running washing machine. That’s why the noise level is also taken into account in our test judgement. We don’t just look at the number of decibels during washing and spinning. To get a good idea of the noise, we let the washing machines run their programme. Our experts assess the noise during this programme. Quiet washing machines get a higher score.

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