Things You Need To Know About Cosmetic Tattooing

Things You Need To Know About Cosmetic Tattooing


For the unaware, long-term makeup or cosmetic tattoo by Rachael Bebe cosmetic tattoos is a beauty treatment that can help you get an irreversible cat-eye, fuller lips, thicker brows, or perhaps a natural highlighter look. The idea is to conserve time that you would invest every day doing a no-makeup makeup look. If you’ve spent hours wanting that, like Beyoncé, you could say #iwokeuplikethis, and in fact mean it, then this might simply be your genie in a bottle.


The advantage of this procedure is the always ready and au natural appearance of your eyebrows. Many ladies declare to not touch their eyebrows at all in the months following the microblading, while some ladies still tweeze, pluck and fill their eyebrows in after the procedure.


We’re all continuously looking for the “longest-lasting” eye, lip, and face products that we understand will stay on all day, but there’s one treatment quite much ensured to take things to an entirely another level: long-term makeup. What is irreversible makeup precisely?


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Cosmetic Tattoos Aftercare


Off, do not use any ointment for the first 6 hours post-treatment! All SPMU locations must be kept out of direct sunlight post-procedure for 14 days. Once completely healed (in between day 21 and 28), you might use sunblock to the location for upkeep protection.


Right away after the treatment, an antibacterial ointment will be applied to create a protective barrier and prevent infection in the newly open skin. Wash this off 3 hours post-procedure and every 3 hours for the first day. After the first day, gently wash the location only once a day with lukewarm water and mild soap and pat dry with a non-reusable soft paper towel to remove any secretion. You can resume regular daily activities but during the very first 7 – 10 days: keep the cured area very dry! Avoid getting the location wet while showering, excessive sweating, swimming, steam bath and saunas. Keep the cured area makeup-free as cosmetics of any kind may hinder the recovery and colour. Avoid extreme sun exposure and tanning beds, as this may cause the colour to heal ashy.



Utilizing your lotion as instructed. Your practitioner might have offered you a healing balm to use. This ought to be carefully applied 2 to 3 times daily, as advised, using tidy hands and a clean cotton bud for each application. Remove any excess with a tidy tissue.; less is more and your skin requires air to breathe and heal. With some eyebrow tattoo methods, we even encourage dry recovery, with very little or no use of any lotion at all. Your professional will advise you personally about all this throughout your consultation.


The majority of artists recommend applying a cream to keep the tattooed area moisturized, which can promote recovery. Ask your artist if they recommend a particular product, such as petroleum jelly, and how frequently it needs to be used. Just like any kind of ink, tattooed eyebrows can fade with extended exposure to direct sunlight. Avoid sunshine as much as possible for about two weeks following your visit, and afterwards, utilize sunblock to prevent premature fading.

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