Water Tanks In The North Island Of New Zealand

Water Tanks In The North Island Of New Zealand

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There are a lot of water tanks in NZ that need to be cleaned up from the algae and other microorganisms that find their way into them. Two of the most common are Fern and Terrapin, which both can be very unsightly and should be cleaned or destroyed as soon as possible. Ferns are common in low-lying areas, like along road sides and porches, but you may also see them growing on the sides of bridges. They’re usually dark green with white stripes down their back, but sometimes they have different colored stripes. The underside of a Fern is almost always smooth, unlike the texture and rough surface of a Terrapin.


The only way to tell if you have a Fern tank is to look at it under the water. If it’s dark green with sludge and doesn’t light up when you shine a light on it, then your Fern probably has a few broken or dying leaves and needs a good cleaning. If a water tank has a lot of white spots on it or if there are small pieces of dead leaves on the bottom of the tank, then your Fern probably has a fungus or other plant problem. Take your water tanks Northland NZ to a marine technician or a qualified water maintenance technician and ask for advice on what to do. They will either be able to clean your tank or give you some good suggestions on what to do.


Water tanks in Northland NZ are a great source of water for people who like to take a dip in the water and relax in it. You should also note that a lot of water tanks in NZ are full and will need to be emptied periodically to prevent algae growth. You should empty your water tanks regularly to give it time to recover from the seasonal flooding and the constant opening and closing of the water valve. These natural cycles in the water tank will prevent an algae problem from developing and will keep your terrapin looking healthy and attractive for years to come.

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