2022 Bulldog PR Awards honor Amendola for HSBlox value-based skincare campaign


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Amendola today announced that it has won a 2022 Bulldog PR Award in the Best Thought Leadership category for its HSBlox campaign, furthering the company’s reputation as a public relations (PR) agency and leading marketing communications for healthcare and health informatics. The Bulldog PR Awards, which celebrate the best and brightest efforts in corporate communications and PR, awarded Amendola a Bronze award for a campaign she developed to increase awareness of HSBlox in the media space. value-based care (VBC).

The main objective of the campaign was to communicate the challenges of VBC models and how HSBlox uses contract modeling, network construction, contract administration, authorized data exchange and payment technologies to integrate traditional medical networks to non-medical networks (i.e., social service agencies, community agencies) to carry out the administration of VBC. Amendola decided to create third-party benchmarks by engaging industry and media analysts. The company sought out top health industry analysts, journalists, and publications covering GBV, social determinants of health (SDOH), and health equity. Amendola then built a weekly cadence of media campaigns, alternating between proactive issue-based presentations; HSBlox news; and thought leadership.

Amendola has written pitches and contributed content that has added new elements to media and analyst coverage over the past few years. For example, while most stories focused on the need to address SDOH in VBC program models, fewer articles discussed the challenges of integrating unstructured scanned data in a way that integrates it into the patient’s entire medical record for the health of the whole person. Finally, Amendola held briefings with major analyst firms covering VBC and payer markets.

The campaign secured 17 briefings with eight different analyst firms over a 10-month period. These briefings resulted in four analyst reports or blog posts, 19 pieces of neutral content and five podcast appearances.

“We are proud to be recognized for the hard work our team put into executing this brand awareness campaign,” said the agency’s CEO, Jodi Amendola. “Our public relations initiatives have enabled HSBlox sales managers to leverage earned content created by the campaign to walk prospects through the sales funnel and highlight the importance of the digital infrastructure needed for successful VBC models. “

About Amendola

Amendola is an award-winning, insight-driven public relations and marketing firm that integrates media relations, social media, content and lead generation programs to engage decision makers in healthcare, life sciences life/pharmaceuticals and health informatics in action. The agency represents some of the best-known brands in the industry as well as groundbreaking startups that are disrupting the status quo. Nearly 90% of its clientele is made up of multi-year clients and/or recurring executive clients. Amendola’s seasoned team of PR and marketing professionals understand the current complexities of the healthcare ecosystem and provide strategic advice and creative direction to drive positive ROI, build reputation and increase share. Steps. Making an impact since 2003, Amendola combines traditional and digital media to fuel significant and measurable growth. For more information on the industry “A-Team”, visit www.acmarketingpr.comand follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About HSBlox

HSBlox is a Atlantatechnology-based, which gives healthcare organizations the tools and support to deliver value-based care (VBC) successfully and sustainably. HSBlox CureAlign® The platform enables healthcare organizations to administer value-based programs, including contract modeling, network construction, contract administration, authorized data exchange, and payment. Recently, the company released CureAlign 3.5, combining its contract creation and modeling capabilities with its contract library for seamless deployment of value-based programs. Alongside CureAlign’s unique hierarchical approach to onboarding VBC participants, alternative payment models can combine global reimbursement programs with episode-specific arrangements to provide unparalleled transparency in pursuit of the fivefold goal of improvement in health care.

Follow HSBlox on LinkedIn to learn more about value-based program administration or visit www.hsblox.com to learn more about scaling value-based programs.

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