6 million dollars raised as part of the LCC fundraising campaign


LIMA — On Saturday, Co-Chair Barb O’Connor spoke about the success of the LCC’s fundraising campaign and thanked the development staff for their hard work in what turned out to be an “absolutely incredible” fundraiser that generated over $6 million in donations.

It was the first time that all Catholic schools in Lima – St. Charles, St. Rose, St. Gerard and LCC – had come together for a fundraising event.

According to Eric Wiechart, president of the Lima Central Catholic Educational Foundation, “the purpose of the foundation is to support schools, families and students and to promote the achievement of effective education. With this campaign, we have raised over $6 million in endowment funds, and the proceeds from this will be used to lower the price of tuition. Just under 400 people participated by donating to the campaign.

O’Connor provided a summary of how the schools will each benefit from the campaign: 60% will go to the LCC Educational Foundation, 30% will go to the LCC and 10% will go to the three elementary schools to be split equally.

“The future of LCC is the subject of the campaign. I think we know that the strength of our elementary schools is really where the future of LCC begins. I am therefore pleased to share with you that to date each of our elementary schools (St. Rose, St. Gerard and St. Charles) have received over $70,000 each,” Fr. Kent said.

O’Connor gave special thanks to Bill Tafflinger.

“Bill saw the problem and was solely responsible for seeing the financial crisis that LCC was going to experience. He knew the Education Foundation needed to get involved to help the school…He is the reason we raised 6 million dollars,” O’Connor said.

Father David was hired into the development team and spent time traveling around the country visiting alumni. He joked that it was difficult to spend several winter months in Florida, making the crowd laugh.

The Education Foundation will now also be able to share the remainder of development staff salaries with the school.

“Due to the success of the campaign, the LCC Education Foundation was able to award 90% of students enrolled at LCC last year with $177,804 in scholarships,” O’ said. Connor.

According to LCC Director Stephanie Williams, due to the success of this campaign, the LCC has not raised tuition fees for the past five years. Prior to this campaign, the Education Foundation awarded an average of $60,000 in scholarships each year. Next year, LCC will be able to award nearly $220,000 in scholarships.

“Every student is going to benefit next year in some way from the work of the Education Foundation, and that’s truly remarkable,” Williams said.

Williams cited the nationwide teacher shortage, saying “finding and retaining quality teachers is a very real and systematic problem, especially when you consider the fact that private schools on average pay about 70% what our counterparts in public schools are doing”. She said she was grateful that the LCC was able to retain the teachers despite this fact.

Four individuals were inducted into the LCC Hall of Fame this year: William Paul Gallagher: St. Rose, 1914 (community service) (posthumous award, accepted by Bill Christen); Mary Henne Weadock, 1962 (athletic achievement); Bill Taflinger, 1963 (LCC service) (posthumous award, accepted by Bill Christen, Jr.); and Toby Cardone: 1963, (professional achievement).

Father David Ross presided over the event as master of ceremonies.

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