Action4Schools campaign sees 10 hernia operations completed


The Action4Schools charity campaign resulted in 10 hernia procedures being successfully performed in one week at a hospital in Sierra Leone.

Action 4 Schools has been sponsoring hernia surgeries for several months, bringing relief to many children suffering from umbilical hernia in a country where the disease is widespread due to low birth weight and premature births.

The operations are performed at Masanga Hospital at a cost of £120 for each procedure.

The hospital is a 120 bed hospital providing health care and clinical training in rural areas of Sierra Leone.

Jimmy Bruzon from Action 4 Schools explained that umbilical hernia operations are relatively simple procedures but have a huge impact on patients’ lives.

“Children’s hernias get worse over time, becoming unsightly, uncomfortable and dangerous to the child’s health with part of the intestine protruding through the wall of the cavity around the umbilicus,” he said. -he declares.

“People are too poor to pay for such operations and children often have to suffer the consequences of these uncomfortable and potentially dangerous hernias, operating and removing a hernia is life changing…leaving them as is is life threatening.”

“Parents cannot fund them and some of the children involved are orphans.”

Mr Bruzon is echoing his call for help to make a difference for these children, and some adults who are currently suffering as well, and has set up a monthly standing order so the charity can fund more operations that change and save lives.

To make a donation or set up a direct debit or standing order, here is the payment information needed:
Action4schools-Sierra Leone
Account 48084352 – Branch Code 60-60-60


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