Auckland launches global blood donation campaign


A global blood donation campaign has started in Tamaki Makaurau, Auckland.

Global Blood Heroes is counting the number of donations this week, to see if they’ve broken a world record.

The campaign was led by Who Is Hussain, a grassroots movement aimed at building compassionate communities.

“We are trying to break a world record of 50,000 blood donations collected in a single calendar day,” said Masooma Mehdi, who leads the Auckland chapter of Who Is Hussain.

“Anyone who donates blood today becomes a hero in someone’s life”

Who Is Hussain is inspired by the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, known for his heroic acts of selflessness and sacrifice.

“A blood donation can save three lives, or 150,000 lives saved,” Mehdi said.

Only 3% of New Zealanders are registered to donate blood, and Global Blood Heroes wants to improve that.

“You will have seen calls from the New Zealand Blood Service stating that they are short in their blood banks”

“We have been pushing very hard for almost six months within our community how blood donations can be really important.

Auckland was the first of 50 cities to start collecting on Saturday.

Other cities include Bangalore, Hong Kong, Chicago, Paris and Birmingham.

Mehdi said 350 donations were made across the motu, which could save more than 1,000 lives.

By the end of the week, Who Is Hussain will see if they have reached their goal of 50,000 donations.

Watch the full video above.


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