Awareness campaign to educate on keeping doors and windows closed when using air conditioning


RELEASE — When a door closes, a window of opportunity opens. Under the direction of Council, the City of Kingston will launch an education and awareness campaign to highlight the benefits of keeping doors and windows closed when air conditioning (AC) units are in operation.

“The City strongly supports our small business community. We’re here to help them welcome their customers, advance their climate action efforts, and publicize their good work,” says Julie Salter-Keane, Climate Leadership Division Manager.

To achieve this three-pronged goal, the City will invite businesses to commit to keeping their doors closed when air conditioners are in use. Businesses that make this pledge will be recognized and will also receive a special sticker to place on their window, which welcomes customers and informs them of how they are taking action for the climate.

While this initiative is good for the environment, many local businesses are already taking climate action.

“Many business owners have taken steps to reduce their environmental footprint by joining programs such as Sustainable.ecoinstalling energy-efficient lighting, conducting energy audits and implementing Climate Leadership Plan actions,” says Salter-Keane.

Community members: take action for the climate!
Although the awareness campaign is focused on business, Salter-Keane notes that avoiding wasted energy is something every Kingstonian should have in mind.

“Reducing energy consumption is not only good for our environment, it’s good for your bank account. Small ways to reduce your energy use can include only running washing machines and dishwashers when they’re full, air-drying clothes and, of course, keeping your doors closed when your air conditioning is on.

To learn more about the City’s climate commitment and roadmap to carbon neutrality, read Climate Leadership Plan.

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