BDS movement steps up ‘boycott HP’ campaign as company continues to serve Israeli government


The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has issued a new call to action to step up its successful campaign against HP Enterprise (HPE), which he describes as an “accomplice” of Israel’s “apartheid” against Palestine.

Based on the recent revelation of HPE’s involvement in Israel’s prison and surveillance systems, the movement has called for a reinvigorated campaign. “Let’s teach HP, and all corporate criminals, that profiting from war crimes and human rights abuses comes at a high price,” the The Palestinian BDS National Committee said in a announcement January 10.

The Committee cited that Who Profits, an independent research organizationsation, at revealed this HP Company, which was founded in 2015 after Hewlett-Packard Company split into HP Inc and HPE, continues to provide services to Israeli prisons and police.

According to Who Profits, “HPE, which specializes in manufacturing and marketing storage and server hardware, has retained several occupation-related stakes through its Israeli subsidiary Hewlett Packard (Israel) Ltd.”

Amid its notable involvement with Israel, HPE’s service in the country since 2017 to 2020 as sole supplier of Itanium servers for the “Aviv” system. Israel’s Border Crossings, Population and Immigration Administration uses the Aviv computer system, which contains Population register containing information on Palestinian citizens and non-citizen residents of occupied East Jerusalem. The system also includes the “Yesha database,” which contains information on Israeli citizens residing in the West Bank and Gaza settlements, Who Profits reported. HPE’s business partner, DXC Technology, developed, operated and maintained this system while HPE provided the necessary servers itself.

The BDS committee said tits database in Aviv, which includes Palestinian citizens and East Jerusalem residents, at facilitated Israel’s efforts to ethnically cleanse and colonize Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan and other Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied Jerusalem.

The BDS committee noted that HPE’s contract providing servers for the Aviv system has finished, according to a recent Who Profits report. This achievement follows more than a decade of effective campaigning against HP by progressive solidarity groups, churches, unions and city councils around the world.said the BDS committee.

While celebrate this development after their Boycott HP countryside, and claiming a change in favor of Palestinian liberation and against Israeli apartheid, movement to called for intensifythe BDS campaigns against HP-branded companies Due to recent revelations of the company’s ongoing involvement with the Israeli government. Referring to the Who Profits report, the BDS committee said: “HP remains deeply complicit in Israel’s grave human rights abuses.

Who Profits reports: “In 2020, [HPE] has been contracted to provide computer and communication maintenance for the Israel Prison Service for 2021-2022 for an amount of over NIS 1 million (>USD 300,000)”. In 2021, the company was also given the contract maintain servers for the Israeli police until 2023, for the amount of 4 million shekels.

Noting that more 500 Palestinians administrative detainees have called for a boycott of the Israeli military courts and are mobilisvs the Politics, the BDS committee said: “We are stepping up our campaign against HP as part of our commitment to the just demands of Palestinian administrative detainees and other political prisoners in Israeli apartheid dungeons.

Launched in 2005 by 170 Palestinian trade unions, refugee networks, women’s organizations, resistance committees, and Palestinian civil society groups, the BDS movement got the support in his quest achieve justice for Palestine.

The ‘Boycott HP’ campaign has grown over the years, spreading around the world and gaining the support of major unions, including the UK’s second largest, Unite the Union, and the largest Netherlands, the Federatie Nederlandse Vakbeweging (FNV), and the Student Federation of India (SFI), which has 4 million members.

Additionally, along with major churches, the city councils of Dublin in Ireland and Portland and Oregon in the United States have also divested from HP companies over their involvement in alleged human rights abuses. .


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