Bombae’s FuzzOff Trimmer Campaign Shows Women’s Body Pain and Hair Removal for Real


bombae is a hair removal solutions brand that offers convenient, quality and painless hair removal solutions for women. In the old days ‘Bombay Shaving Company Women’, Over the past year, Bombae has taken several unconventional paths to normalize and celebrate women’s body hair. And now, Bombae’s FuzzOff campaign has gone a step further to normalize never-before-seen imagery of body hair and break down all (hairy) barriers to hair removal. Seeing how much the brand is focused on smooth skin and hairless stories, it seems odd that they’re creating a campaign that’s in your face about fuzzy armpits and hairy pubic regions.

By showing actual armpit and pubic hair, it aims to say #FuzzOff to societal expectations of hairless women, even while remove hair from their body. Elaborating on the thinking behind the film, Siddha Jain, Commercial Director at Bombae shares, “For several decades, advertisements for wax, razors and depilatory creams have shown women shaving smooth, brushed body parts with a smile from ear to ear – never showing any actual hair or pain. we go through in this process. Weird huh? We believe in showing real emotions beyond carefree women and smooth skin. We believe in changing the game of how the Women’s waxing is seen in India, and there is a move towards that.

For a very long time, women have resorted to archaic and painful hair removal methods like threading and waxing for the face and sensitive areas, believing that this was the only solution. We’ve realized this shortcoming and designed a superior offering that doesn’t have us going to war with our face every time we decide to epilate – trimmers. Ultimately, choosing the right hair removal product is truly personal: we just want to say fuzz to all the pain and drama. Something this easy to use shouldn’t be a well-kept secret.

The film was conceptualized by creative agency Talented. Speaking of the idea, Aarushi Periwal, creative at Talented said, “Contrary to what most women’s hair removal commercials show you, women have a lot of body hair and removing it is extremely painful. We don’t look graceful and we don’t smile from ear to ear. “other. It’s the fact. This campaign was an opportunity for us to discuss and have progressive discourse on the female experience. Straight, curly, thin or thick, this film is positive for the hair. She presents hair removal as a choice, not a norm. My creative partner, Teresa Sebastian, visually brought to life the fact that daring isn’t always loud, sometimes just honest. And Karishma Changroth, my strategy partner brand, has ensured that this campaign removes the burden of potential, leaving our audience the choice to wax pain-free. No Nicks. No Cuts. No, Oh, F***s!

The film is produced by StudioFry and directed by Devang Singh Thukral. “It’s an evocative film, and from the moment I had this project, I wanted to create a visual disconnect by showing body hair as a less thorny, more normalized subject. From the tone of the film to the pacing, I tried to keep the film as real, flowing and raw as possible. Ultimately, hair removal is a choice.

The catchy title track is by Irfana Hameed who recently produced a track for Masaba Masaba season 2. The film begins with the PoV of a woman undergoing threading. With his eyes blinking and ooh aahs, the pain is palpable. It goes on to show 2 other women in their respective bathrooms painstakingly waxing different body parts, from eyebrows to bikini line. The women of the film are finally switching to Bombae clippers to say #FuzzOff to pain.

The prevailing theme is that clippers are easy and painless fuzzing and a much better alternative to threading or waxing,“No nicks, no cuts, no oh f***s”.

Harnessing the power of innovation to continuously design expert and thoughtful hair removal solutions for women, Bombae aspires to educate women about a relatively new category of women’s hair removal – trimmers – which is a breakthrough product for women. women. With no fear of cuts, nicks or cuts, the Fuzz Off trimmer just the toppingswithout any problem.

Conscientious and progressive, Bombae challenges common misconceptions and beliefs about hair removal. About their out-of-the-box release and expansion of their product portfolio, Bombae entered the nascent category with an assortment of essential products in the hygiene and grooming space, such as – razor for body and face, body trimmer, depilatory cream, aftershave gel, menstrual cups, daily intimate washes and much more. The products shaped are of higher quality, backed by immense scientific research and data, and the goodness of superfoods. Moreover, the products are paraben-free, cruelty-free and do not contain any harmful chemical composition.


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