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NEW YORK, April 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — VidMob, the leading intelligent creative platform, today announced that its clients are turning to ad creative as a strategic performance driver for their campaigns. Changes by Google and Apple to limit the use of third-party data signals have encouraged brands to tap into the most important, but most underused, driver of campaign performance: the creative itself. VidMob saw an increase in key creative speed metrics, including the number of creatives designed per campaign, the number of ad platforms requiring purpose-built creatives, and the number of campaigns using data to inform creative decisions.

In its research, VidMob found a significant increase in the following areas over the past year:

  • 59% increase in the average number of creative outputs per project with an average above 30
  • 156% increase in the average number of connected platforms per brand
  • 361% increase in the number of customers linking ad creative with data insights

“Brands are looking at creative as a performance driver for digital advertising. These numbers demonstrate that brands need more creative assets on more digital platforms and recognize the enormous power of intelligent creative on performance by informing creative development with data,” said Jill Gray. , EVP Client Solutions at VidMob.

The creative industry has long relied on media performance as a stark indicator of creative decisions, but as marketers have extracted maximum performance from these levers while mastering the impact of signal loss on their capabilities targeting, they find that a better understanding of creative data is their next lever to boost marketing performance. In fact, estimates consistently show that creative optimization might be the most effective way to improve marketing performance. By understanding how each creative element of ads relates to performance, brands are able to craft creatives specifically tailored for specific platforms to maximize ROI. With VidMob’s Intelligent Creative, brands can inform their creative strategy with data, ensuring they deliver the best possible creative for every impression across all platforms.

“We’re incredibly encouraged by the positive momentum we’re seeing from our brand clients. The bottom line is that data-driven creative has the power to dramatically impact a campaign’s ROI. Our customers are able to reach key audiences with more relevant and better performing ads with a greater focus on creative,” said Gray.

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