BREAKING: Marilyn Mosby used campaign funds to pay her defense lawyers


Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby dipped into her campaign coffers last year to pay nearly $50,000 to attorneys defending her in a federal criminal investigation, despite Maryland law prohibiting such expenses.

That investigation resulted in Mosby being indicted last Thursday on four counts of perjury and misrepresentation on his mortgage applications for the purchase of two Florida condominiums.

Since the indictment, his chief legal defender, A. Scott Bolden, has held a press conference and conducted numerous media interviews declaring his innocence and accusing federal prosecutors of personal and racial bias against his client.

Hired by Mosby last March after a federal grand jury issued subpoenas for her campaign and private travel records, Bolden was well paid, according to her campaign return filed late last night with the State Elections Board.

It shows that Friends of Marilyn Mosby, the finance committee chaired by Mosby and whose report she swore as accurate, paid $37,500 to Bolden’s Washington DC law firm, ReedSmith LLC.

Additionally, Friends paid an additional $10,229.60 to Baltimore criminal defense attorney Granville Templeton III, who sharply criticized Baltimore Inspector General Isabel Mercedes Cumming, who released a scathing report in February. last on Mosby’s trips out of town and long absences from work. .

Chapter of the Maryland Code Regulations prohibits campaign committees from paying the “costs or expenses of legal defense” of an office holder or candidate, except as they relate to an investigation or an action “resulting from the conduct of the campaign or election”.

It happened before

It is the third time since winning her second term that Mosby has used campaign funds to settle her personal legal issues.

• Marilyn Mosby’s lawyers were paid with campaign funds (16/02/21)

• Marilyn Mosby refuses to say whether campaign funds were used to send a threatening letter to the former prosecutor (3/17/21)

When The beverage revealed last year her use of campaign funds to pay Kramon & Graham, who represented her in the Cumming investigation, Mosby’s political committee released a statement saying ‘there was never any intent to mislead”.

The Friends committee said on Facebook that it had “stopped using campaign funds” for legal costs.

The state’s attorney’s office’s retired chief of investigations, Jim Cabezas, has publicly called on prosecutor Charlton T. Howard to investigate Kramon & Graham’s charges.

But no charges have so far been issued by Howard’s office — and the $3,250 in funds was never replenished to the Friends committee, according to state election records.

Mosby also failed to reimburse the committee for $11,000 paid to Kellogg, Hansen, Todd, Figel & Frederick, whose partner, James Webster III, wrote a threatening letter to a former assistant district attorney who criticized the performance of Mosby.

Last spring, Mosby and her husband, Baltimore City Council Speaker Nick Mosby, whose campaign and business records were also subpoenaed by the grand jury, organized a legal defense fund.

While “The Mosby 2021 Defense Fund” offers various payment plans online, the names of its administrators and the amount of funds raised and disbursed have not been made public.

“They fought for us! Let’s fight for them! says the defense fund set up by anonymous parties for Nick and Marilyn Mosby. (


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