Breathtaking radio campaign raises awareness of DNA rewrite plans


A series of radio commercials were abruptly cut short today (Monday August 1) by the sound of a flat heart monitor, as part of our new campaign.

We are using the unique announcement to raise awareness of the need for research to stop Sudden Cardiac Arrest striking suddenly and without warning, including in young people.

Listeners tuned into the Heart FM radio network and Global Original podcasts expecting the usual round of commercials were surprised by the unexpected sound of a beeping heart monitor that eventually flat lines – the long, shocking but familiar tone a monitor emits when it alerts medical personnel that a person’s heartbeat has stopped.

The sound of the heart monitor interrupted adverts from well-known brands including Sainsbury’s, On the Beach, heycarAdmiral Insurance, Dunelm, Cazoo and Check-a-Trade.

DNA rewriting to cure deadly heart disease

The audio recovery is designed to coincide with the announcement of our largest research funding grant – £30 million for CureHearta global collective of scientists from the UK, US and Singapore who are pioneering breakthrough, ultra-precise gene therapy technologies that could silence or alter the faulty genes that cause inherited diseases of the heart muscle.

Every week in the UK, around 12 people under the age of 35 suffer sudden cardiac death, often caused by an inherited disease of the heart muscle, otherwise known as genetic cardiomyopathies.

Now, through the campaign, we are calling for support for his biggest ever research prize to find cures for these deadly diseases.

Unexpected waves change has been followed by a post detailing the impact of genetic cardiomyopathy and how the charity is funding research that aims to find a breakthrough cure to stop disease from stopping hearts.

Dr Charmaine Griffiths, our Chief Executive, said: “The unexpected sound of a heart monitor that flatlines was designed to capture people attention and carries an incredibly important message.

“Genetic Cardiomyopathys tear families apart. They deprive families of their loved ones in shocking and sudden ways, they prevent people from living full and healthy lives, and they create generations of families who live with worry for their future and that of their children.

“Through CureHeartwe have the chance to stop this. But WI can not do this without the support of today’s radio listeners and people across the UK who fund our rescue work. With public support, we can turn what once sounded like science fiction into reality and bring hope to hundreds of thousands of families around the world.


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