Bruce Smith campaigns against Tony Boselli’s HOF credentials


Still weirdly salty after more than two decades, Bruce Smith has decided to pursue the Pro Football Hall of Fame credentials of Tony Boselli.

Bruce Smith needs a nap.

That’s the only explanation for his grumpy, childish Instagram rant against Tony Boselli’s Pro Football Hall of Fame induction.

Literally out of nowhere, months after Boselli was elected and weeks before he was officially consecrated, Smith decided to denigrate his credentials in a show of extreme salinity.

Bruce Smith disrespected Tony Boselli and the NFL Hall of Fame

Smith opened his mind-blowing statement against Boselli with a bizarre set of claims.

“Much of the campaign to promote Tony Boselli to the Hall of Fame seems hyper-focused on a single successful performance he had against me in a playoff game in 1996,” Smith wrote.

First of all, that’s just inaccurate. Sure, Boselli’s performance against Smith has been talked about, but far more often the focus has been on the dominant player he has been for most of his career.

He was a three-time first-team All-Pro and a five-time Pro Bowler for the Jaguars. He was the best left tackle in the game for several years. That playoff performance was an example of his exceptional ability, not a singular example of it.

Worse still, he did not claim that Boselli himself used these imaginary arguments. He only referred to “Tony’s lawyers” as if their alleged influence gave him the right to attack the credentials of the man himself.

What followed in Smith’s rant was hypocritical and silly.

“The HOF is an exclusive fellowship that follows an unspoken code of conduct that promotes respect and fellowship among its members,” Smith wrote. “Given the opportunity, any Hall of Fame member could use their credentials to brag about their dominance over another member, but such behavior is deemed inappropriate due to the friction and divisiveness that he could create within the group.”

In one sentence, Smith talked about the code of conduct adopted by HOF members, brotherhood and respect. In the next, he set out to diminish Boselli’s accomplishments and asserted that he did not deserve to enter the brotherhood he had already been elected to.

“Tony has been a formidable opponent in his brief career, but I find it hard to compare all of his work to that of the NFL’s greatest left tackles,” he wrote, saying Boselli had “benefited” from the protection of Mark Brunnel, a mobile and left-handed quarterback.

The Hall of Fame did not take Boselli’s candidacy lightly. He waited years beyond his first eligibility to enter, mainly because his career was so short. Injuries forced him to retire after just six seasons. It was a significant hurdle to his case, but ultimately voters sided with his excellence over his lack of longevity.

Smith mentioned Bruce Armstrong, Richmond Ebb and Will Wilford as other offensive linemen who could be compared to Boselli for the HOF. If he’s so concerned about their candidacy, he might defend them on merit instead of using their names to scorn another pro.

This is all just embarrassing for Smith and the Hall of Fame.


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