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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2the sequel to the 2019 blockbuster modern warfareis shaping up to be the bold next-gen leap that fans have long been waiting for.

This year’s episode promises a substantial list of improvements and franchise firsts, with lead developer Infinity Ward stressing that the game won’t just be an “expanding experience”.

We got our first behind-the-scenes look at the game in a press preview, and we’re here to unpack everything we learned.

Task Force 141

Modern Warfare II features an all-new single-player campaign set three years after the events of the first game. You’ll once again fight alongside Captain Price and the rest of the new Task Force 141 in another thrilling adventure. And this being Call of Duty, Expect the action to take you to different locations around the world as you uncover a new terrorist plot that threatens peace.

Infinity Ward says it wants to retain the “provocative” nature of 2019’s characters and events Modern warfare. This meant that much of the action was grounded and close to the real-world events they were inspired by. It also meant writing “heroic” but vulnerable characters at the same time.

The theme for the last game revolved around where these characters were willing to draw the line with what they were willing to do in the war. This game takes that theme one step further, asking the question: do you become the thing you’re trying to destroy in order to defeat it? As for how this will play out in the narrative, we don’t know yet, but the developers noted that they tried to be very sensitive to the content of this year’s game, given the ongoing war in Ukraine. . Despite this, the campaign will pull no punches delivering what they described as an entertaining fictional adventure.

What stood out to us in the preview was the variety of what you’ll do in the game’s missions. One mission, for example, titled Nightwar, is reminiscent of 2019’s The Wolf’s Den, in which you and the rest of your crew attack a small village in the Middle East under the cover of darkness. You can wear your night vision goggles as you go through a gap and move from room to room until you secure your target. The best part is that it’s incredibly cinematic, especially if you can sync your moves with your AI teammates.

Another mission, titled Wetwork, has you stealthily infiltrating a dock in Amsterdam, neutralizing the guards with knives and silenced guns. In this one, your cover is water. You can, for example, dive underwater if you are spotted to try to break the detection. This also recalls the missions of the previous Call of Duty installments, but the new twists here help it feel fresh.

The developers also introduced two other missions: one where you rappel down a building and another where you drive a car in third-person while evading pursuers. From what we’ve seen so far, there seems to be a good mix of mission scenarios to create a memorable campaign. Oh sure, they come with those great scripted moments that Call of Duty is famous for.

redefine Call of Duty

As far as gameplay goes, Infinity Ward says it’s their most ambitious project to date – one that aims to redefine game combat. Call of Duty.

Perhaps the biggest advancement in this sequel is the new water technology. Not only has the visuals been improved, with realistic reflections and behavior, but her mechanics and physics have also been reworked, allowing her to play a role in general combat across all modes. You can, for example, use caustics, refraction, and water light transmission to your advantage: the deeper you sink, the harder it is for your enemies to see you. Also, when you are underwater, it will take more bullets to kill you because the shot travel time is much slower. It will also take more bullets to kill enemies on the surface if you shoot them from the water.

What else, Modern Warfare II includes a revamped Gunsmith feature, giving you the ability to customize and refine your favorite weapons down to the last bonus or stat boost. It’s what the developers billed as “a game within a game”, where you have more power and control over how your weapons feel and perform depending on your preferred playstyle. And it manages to do all of this without compromising the balance of the shooter.

The AI ​​in all modes has also been significantly improved. The developers said they want the AI, whether friendly or hostile, to command your respect. They added that these non-player-controlled characters behave dynamically in relation to the environment and the situation. Your teammates, for example, will check and clear corners as you move through hallways or alleys. During this time, your enemies will also have life out of combat, meaning they won’t sit idle waiting for you to engage. They will additionally exhibit coordinated and self-preservation behaviors.

Become competitive

Nope Call of Duty the version is complete without multiplayer and Modern Warfare II adds a fair amount of new functionality to the ever-popular competitive modes.

First, two new modes will be added to the base selection of multiplayer modes: Knockout and Prisoner Rescue. Knockout you and the opposing team are jostling you for a package that spawns in a certain part of the map. The last one with the deck wins the match. Prisoner Rescue, on the other hand, is a kind of Call of Duty’s take charge Counter-Strikewhere one team’s goal is to rescue the prisoners while the opposing team tries to stop them.

Second, your agent will have two new tactical moves to use in the heat of battle: dive and ledge hold. The dive is pretty self-explanatory, giving you the option to drop through windows and be battle-ready as soon as you land. Ledge Hang, on the other hand, lets you grab parts of a wall or surface and peek through a perch or window before getting back up. You can use your gun while you peek, allowing you to neutralize any threats that may jump at you. The developer has said that they have long wanted to add this particular feature in Call of Duty as it helps to add platforming elements to the gameplay.

Third, the vehicle gameplay has also been expanded. Driving any vehicle in the game puts you in third person view, but now you have the option to lean over and shoot enemies right from your seat, which will bring you back to first person view. You can also blow up doors or tires to sabotage or hijack a vehicle. Oh, you can climb rooftops and shoot your enemies from there.

Finally, you will have access to new equipment that further improves your approach to combat. The first is a tactical camera that you can deploy in any part of the map, alerting you when an enemy is nearby. Another new tool is the DDOS, a portable EMP that disables vehicles and stops them dead in their tracks, opening them up to an ambush. There’s also the Inflatable Decoy, which works like a proximity mine but instead of exploding in your enemies’ faces, it deploys a human-shaped balloon to draw enemy fire. Last but not least is the drill charge, a sticky grenade that latches onto surfaces, punches holes, and drops explosives through them.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will also usher in a new era of the Warzone battle-royale game mode, dubbed Warzone 2.0. Infinity Ward said that starting with this year’s entry, gameplay will be built on a unified Call of Duty engine and the Warzone experience will be an extension of the Modern Warfare II universe. Standalone mode will also be coming to mobile in the future, but details about that will be revealed at a later date.

The game will launch on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via and Steam on October 28. –


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