Campaign group Right to Roam encourages members to join ‘Summer of Trespassing’ – News


The Right to Roam campaign campaign group encourages its members to embark on a “Summer of Trespassing” to unlock blocked or private areas of the campaign.


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Campaign campaign group Right to Roam encouraged members to join a ‘Summer of Trespass’

The call to action urges members to make the most of the current sunny weather to “get out and intrude”. It also includes a seven-point guide outlining the best way to locate the site of the intrusion, looking in particular at areas that have been ‘blocked off’. It also suggests things people should do in case of a break-in and to take photos of themselves which can then be shared on social media.

The organization is calling for an extension of the Countryside and Rights of Way (CRoW) Act to give better access to private sections of the countryside as well as forests, lowlands, greenbelt lands and rivers for activities such as picnicking, wild swimming and wild camping.

CLA President Mark Tufnell said: “Activists are reminded that a significant expansion of this already extensive network of access lands would also likely damage the natural habitats upon which our already declining biodiversity and wildlife depend. “

He added: “England and Wales have some of the best public access systems in Europe. We have over 140,000 miles of public trails and rights of way for members of the public to enjoy. We encourage those wishing to enjoy the great outdoors of Britain to adhere to the fundamental principles of the Countryside Code: Respect, Protect and Enjoy. »

The group also advises subscribers to figure out “how we can help ourselves and nature by being there” by promoting activities such as water testing, foraging, picnics or use of “citizen science” applications.

Right to Roam member Nick Hayes said ‘all’ roaming breaches follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code because it is more ‘detailed and impactful than the ‘lean English
Campaign Code’.

He said: “While giving people a clear mandate as to their responsibilities, it educates them not only about campaign work activities, but about seasonal fluctuations and specific topographical sensitivities of ecology. In doing so, he removes painting from our code, which is largely unread and untaught by anyone in England.

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