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Campaign360 returns in 2022 with an in-person event in Singapore on May 10 and a virtual event on May 11. CampaignEditors bring you highlights from the event in our live blog with the most recent articles added at the top. Check full agenda and our in-depth editorial coverage during this week.

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As part of Forrester’s proprietary research, Campaign, and WFA, it was revealed that a majority of agencies and brands are facing the repercussions of the continued shortage of talent. Learn more in our report. Here are some quotes from the live roundtable.

“I would like to reframe the big resignation as the big attraction. It’s an opportunity to do something different. We’re talking about declining talent pools, let’s talk about attracting new talent pools instead. If we use this as starting point, separate us into a different space. That’s when we can find different solutions. We’ve always defined what talent looks like, and that usually shows up in job descriptions. It’s time to unbox that One strategy is to look outward and focus on upskilling and retraining.”

—Dylan Choong, Director of Human Resources, GroupM APAC

“[Talent] want to become more fit for the future, they want to be prepared, ready for the challenges that await them in the future. They must be healthy, psychologically and physically, and they must also have the right frame of mind. They must also have action-oriented attributes. These are muscles, as individuals, that we need to exercise every day.”

—Frédéric Giron, Vice President, Research Director, Forrester

“Technology can be brilliant, as long as it removes jobs that people find tedious. If you have tools and technologies that help remove that, it allows people to spend time on more important things focused on growth, leadership and investment. Your day job is made up of so many things that you don’t want to do and therefore I’m a big proponent of investing in technology.”

—Annette Male, Head of APAC Agency, Meta

“There has been a relentless focus on mental health and well-being. This is an opportunity to structure people, their journeys and their process a little more.”

—Ranji David, Director, Marketing Services, WFA

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“When I talk about attracting talent, am I going to look at a CV and think it matches 80-90% of the job description? For example, if there is someone in the industry of healthcare who is an expert in customer centricity, is he also ok with this role which is also consumer centric?As long as you bring transferable skills to this organization.The only thing I expect talents is to learn agility.”

—Kaveri Khullar, Vice President, Consumer Marketing, Mastercard APAC, on retaining talent in the industry

“I thought some of the NFT buzz was kind of hyped. But what’s going to stick is the desire people have to own digital assets. [At Mastercard], we are definitely looking for what will create value. We are very clear about only operating in areas that will create value for us.”

—Khullar on tech fads

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“In our industry, media has often been an opportunity from an efficiency and cost-saving perspective, which has led to rather poor behaviors in terms of effective media use. We have ample room to grow in the way media is perceived in our organizations, to demonstrate that media can be an effective engine of growth.”

“The other consideration is conscious investment. The media often followed where the audiences were. It’s not something that’s going to change drastically, but there has to be another consideration on top of that we’re spending our money and part of that is looking at places that are authentic and relevant to us like DEI and spaces where we need to be sustainable as the industry as a whole. »

-Silas Lewis-Meilus, Global Head of Media Business Units, GSK and Chairman, WFA Media Forum

“There is a growing awareness of how we are helping to keep the environment sustainable. Most estimates made today show that even in the consumer goods market, for example, there is a digital footprint that emits more carbon than the manufacturing footprint.

“It’s a huge consumer issue. How to make the media ecosystem more sustainable is a huge challenge.

-Ashutosh Srivastava, CEO of GroupM APAC

Posted at 11:45 a.m.

“We talk a lot about this idea of ​​’shoppertainment.’ We believe this is not only the future of entertainment, but also the future of commerce. Commerce is no longer just about selling, but about selling while having fun, as shoppers seek joyful shopping experiences. engaging and want to feel good about their purchases, whether through brand discovery through their favorite designers or through live-streamed events or in-app shopping.Shopping is no longer about really to buy cool things. It’s an extension of the entertainment experience.

– Karl Cluck, Head of Agency APAC, TikTok

Posted at 12:30 p.m.

“The advantages of insourcing is that the talents are close to the company, they have proximity, it’s much more fluid. What we realize is that there comes a point when the [learning] the curve dips, talent can get a little complacent, ideas get a little stale. It’s not a criticism, it’s just a fact. And that’s where you get a little churn. So we have to live with this reality. What is important [for NTUC] it’s that we have people who act as masterminds within their departments to manage their community of resources. They are the key people for me, because the specialists within their teams inevitably come and go.”

—Alvin Neo, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer and Managing Director, FairPrice Group and NTUC Link


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