Cedar Rapids mayoral candidate Amara Andrews, PAC fined for violating campaign finance law


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – On May 26, the Iowa Campaign Ethics and Disclosure Committee reprimanded and fined Amera Andrews and her backing PAC, Iowa Voter Info, for included an inaccurate attribution statement on a campaign letter.

According to the ruling, Iowa Voter Info was not registered as a PAC when Andrews transferred $9,000 to the organization with the intention of it becoming a PAC. On published materials that are designed to “expressly advocate the nomination, election, or defeat of any candidate for public office,” the Iowa Code requires a statement of attribution which must disclose the responsible party for the published materials.

The attribution statement sent with the release materials stated that the senders were “paid by Iowa Voter Info” without disclosing that it was not a registered PAC and that the senders were paid by the Andrews Committee.

The Andrews Committee quickly corrected the error by issuing a Notice of Correction following notification from Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board staff.

Andrews and Iowa Voter Info President Bret Niles were both ordered to pay a $200 civil penalty in connection with the decision.

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