CIGA Design launches Indiegogo campaign for its series of watches inspired by magicians


CIGA Design watches have received 17 international design awards

SHENZHEN, CHINA, June 25, 2022 / — Award-winning mechanical watch company CIGA Design has launched an Indiegogo campaign to support its new series of watches featuring transformative mechanism technology inspired by magicians who dazzle the public with incredible tricks.

CIGA Design’s Magician M-Series mechanical watches have a revolutionary construction created to include an internal movement and multiple external cases, resulting in three styles in one watch. The flexible mechanical override mechanism allows for case swapping with just the push of two buttons, and this magical mix-and-match design gives wearers options for various geometric presences on the wrist. The aesthetics of modern mechanical art are combined with precise movement within.

This design breakthrough changes the unique fixed case design used throughout watchmaking history and allows wearers to unlock a magical new watch.

A zero-curve design showcases a sturdy and fashionable inner container while a new mechanical aesthetic experience is created by a hovering rotating gear instead of a traditional sweep second hand – a revolutionary stylistic visual effect with clearly visible movement. A super luminous coating adds a dazzling visual effect in the dark. The effect for wearers is to break through dimensions and travel through geometric space and time.

The freedom to evolve the watch and transform it into new forms encourages a new generation of wearers to explore new identities. It’s a cutting-edge watch for people who appreciate innovation and prefer to think outside the box.

Owners can unlock a world of imagination on their wrists.

A new hot stamping process is used to create a unique texture, which is combined with innovative and environmentally friendly materials. Additionally, there is a magician code hidden in the metal words on the front of the outer package. Watch owners can send the code to the official CIGA Design Facebook account at @CIGADesign. If the code is correct, owners will receive an additional gift from CIGA Design.

To support the Indiegogo campaign for M Series Magician watches, visit–288138/coming_soon/x/22184624.

CIGA Design’s “Blue Planet” watch series won the Challenge Watch Prize of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) in 2021 and was the first Chinese watch brand to receive the top prize in the global watch industry.

CIGA Design was founded by Zhang Jianmin, who was named one of China’s Top 10 Industrial Designers in 2016. As the first original designer wristwatch brand in China, CIGA Design redefines wrist aesthetics by incorporating mechanical art modern. He reconstructs wristwatches as timepieces for Generation Z to express their personality and beliefs through a philosophy that design is the combination of the perceptual and the rational while thinking outside the box.

Jianmin’s CIGA Design watches are designed under the credo of “No Disruption, No Innovation”.

With outstanding original designs, the brand has received 17 international design awards, setting the record for the most for a Chinese wristwatch. It has been the recipient of nine out of 13 Red Dot Design Awards in the national sector. It is also the only winner of the Red Dot Grand Prize and iF Design Gold Award in the domestic industry. In 2019, CIGA Design was shortlisted for the GPHG, which is hailed as the Oscar of watches – an unprecedented honor for Chinese brands. In 2021, the brand was again shortlisted among the top three brands in the watch/jewelry category in Germany iF 2017-2021, along with Apple and BVLGARI, for its innovative design.

So far, the brand has received investments from and Xiaomi – two Global 500 companies – and it is the only wristwatch brand ever invested by In 2020, CIGA Design sold its products in more than 100 countries and twice broke the sales record in the watch category on the American crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Today, the brand is proud to have more than 500,000 loyal subscribers worldwide.

Jianmin, the founder of CIGA Design, is a well-known interdisciplinary designer who has worked for the Beijing Olympics, Shanghai World Expo and Shenzhen Universiade. His work spans architecture, flat designs, products and other disciplines. After 26 years as a designer, his passion for the mechanics of wristwatches motivated him to create his own designer brand, CIGA Design.

With diligence and originality, he realizes his dream and transforms his passion into sparks of art. His unique creations testify to his great concentration on the mechanical art. With the Bauhaus philosophy in his mind, “form follows function”, he makes artistic mechanical watches affordable for everyone, rather than unobtainable luxuries.

CIGA Design currently partners with 10 leading designers from nine countries to create its artistic mechanical wristwatches.

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