Councilman Shoemaker launches mayoral campaign (5 photos)


Matthew Shoemaker addresses several key issues in his bid to be the next mayor

After announcing his intention to run for mayor at the end of March, Matthew Shoemaker officially launched his campaign at Anna Marinelli Park in Jamestown on Wednesday morning.

Having served on City Council since 2014, the Ward 3 Councilor spoke with residents and supporters at its launch to share the goals he has for the Sault.

Among Shoemaker’s campaign promises are establishing a greater police presence downtown, building more housing through New foundations project like Barrie, and to continue to fund improvements in Jamestown and the Old West Quarter.

Shoemaker says he has a track record of finding savings and pledges to oppose any budget that costs more than necessary.

“I will support projects that make sense to support,” he says. “There is a limit to what we can spend on any project. With the downtown plaza and the Mill Market move, all of our downtown redevelopment dollars are in one basket. If we drop that basket, we won’t have a plan B. We should spread our dollars across a number of initiatives to make sure we approach it from all angles.

Former Sault Ste. Marie Mayor Steve Butland was on hand this morning to offer his endorsement to the mayoral candidate.

“Over the years, he has grown into a mature person who knows the inner workings of City Hall inside and out,” he says. “You have to have a balanced platform, and I think that’s what he brings to the table. He has intelligence, foresight and maturity, and he is ready to listen to people.

The location of Wednesday’s campaign launch is symbolic for Shoemaker, who says without his efforts, Jamestown and Anna Marinelli Park wouldn’t be where they are today.

“I’m proud to say that since my election in 2014, this neighborhood, which hadn’t seen municipal investment since the late 1970s and early 1980s, has had the full attention of council and staff. as a focal point. I led a number of efforts to improve the old West End. I have no hesitation in saying that without my proposing the improvements, the progress you see behind me and across the parking lot would not have happened.

Shoemaker has served nearly two full terms as a city councilor and thinks his record is a good indication of what he could achieve as mayor.

“I accomplished a lot of what I came to the board for,” he says. “I’m eager to help and I want to continue to contribute in a greater way than what I did on the board.”

The municipal election will take place on October 24.


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