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New Delhi, June 26, 2022: Millions of Facebook accounts are at risk. Hackers target them to steal money. Cyber ​​experts said a campaign was underway to victimize more than 5 million Facebook users worldwide. It is spreading rapidly through Facebook Messenger on mobile.

What is shocking is that even though information about his phishing attack has been received now, it has been used for a year.

Nick Ascoli of the PIXM anti-phishing browser extension discovered this attack. His research team discovered that there are many websites that look like Facebook login pages. A large number of users enter their login details considering it the real Facebook. Links to these websites are increasingly being served on Messenger.

Hackers earn a lot

It was said in the report that hackers earn big this way. Suppose, once a user enters their Facebook details on the fake website, they will be redirected to an advertisement page. Hackers can even earn hundreds of dollars per month from a single victim on these fake login pages.

Register your Facebook account like this:

1. Researchers recommend that if you see such suspicious scam messages online, do not click on any links or attachments.

2. If you think something is wrong with a post or website, proceed with caution.

3. Never log into Facebook through unknown websites.

4. If you come across such a bogus website, you should immediately report it to the Cybercrime Unit.


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