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Advocacy Center enCourage surpassed a key fundraising goal, and employees are excited for the year ahead.

Executive Director Jo Bair Springer announced Thursday during a Facebook Live presentation that the organization has raised $29,011 for the 2021 winter campaign.

“You absolutely smashed our original goal of $20,000,” she said. “We are so grateful for your support. It has exceeded our wildest imaginations, and it means we can do more than ever to help meet the needs of survivors in our community.

Springer said the organization receives grants to cover many of the major expenses, but there are secondary costs for items that some people need that are not covered by the grants.

Grant funding also does not pay for prevention efforts.

2021 has been a big year for the organization as it has been rebranded from SASA Crisis Center to enCourage Advocacy Center. Along with the new name came the slogan: Community Without Violence.

“I love the name and how it celebrates the courage of the survivors we work with and the survivors on our team who have chosen to take some really tough steps to rebuild their lives (and) build a better future. for their families,” Springer mentioned.

The change has also led the organization to actively pursue its efforts to reduce domestic violence in the community.

To help guide community members in this direction, enCourage has joined the Green Dot program and is working to implement it in the community.

The Green Dot program engages community members as allies and potential bystanders, and equips them with the skills to establish intolerance of violence as the norm, as well as ways to intervene in high-risk situations.

The program visualizes individual choices to harm others as red dots spreading throughout the community. Green dots represent any choice that promotes safety and communicates intolerance of violence.

A green dot involves someone else, creates a distraction to defuse the situation, checks on the injured person, or asks someone to back off. A green dot is simply an individual choice at any given time to make a red dot less likely.

“We are so committed as an organization to building a community free of violence,” Springer said. “We believe this will get everyone in the community working together in a series of small daily actions as well as very big actions.”

Community members interested in getting involved can email kristen@encouragecenter.org to find out about upcoming workshops. There is a one-hour option and a three-hour option, but Springer recommended the latter because it helps develop concrete tools to intervene.


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