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LAHORE – Out of a total of 3131 polling stations in 20 constituencies in Punjab, the Election Commission has declared up to 676 highly sensitive, 1194 sensitive and 1271 as normal as polling will be held on Sunday (tomorrow).

In a press conference, Provincial Election Commissioner Punjab Saeed Gul briefed the media on the preparations for the by-elections and said that the Election Commission was committed to holding transparent elections and that all possible measures had been taken. to complete the whole process. environment

He further informed that CCTV cameras will be installed in the highly sensitive polling stations and sufficient number of police officers and rangers will be on duty in the sensitive and highly sensitive polling stations.

“The provision of all basic facilities at the polling stations was ensured by the district returning officers. The SMS 8300 service has been activated for the convenience of the public. Voters in partial electoral constituencies can find out their contact details and the name of the respective polling station by sending their identity card to 8300,” he explained.

The provincial elections commissioner said instructions had been given to candidates that their election officials should obtain a copy of Forms 45 and 46 signed by the presiding officers and give a receipt for receiving those copies.

He specified that the electoral campaign will end between July 15 and July 16 at 12 noon. He said the election commission has set up control rooms to monitor the voting process at different levels where the voting process will be monitored and complaints will be received. Talking about the security arrangements to maintain law and order in the constituencies, the provincial electoral commissioner informed that the services of the police, rangers and army were bought off during the by-elections.

“Police personnel will be deployed to polling stations while Rangers will patrol constituencies. The army will be on standby. Around 50,000 police officers will be on duty during the by-elections,” he said.

He said the Secretary of the Electoral Commission will camp in Lahore to monitor the holding of the July 17 by-elections. The Commissioner General for Elections along with the four members of the Election Commission will monitor the electoral process in the control room established in Islamabad, he added. .

He said plans regarding security and transportation have been prepared with the cooperation of the administration and related institutions. Ballots were sent to returning officers, he said, adding that instructions had been given to law enforcement to implement the code of conduct on Election Day.

“A day before the poll, the election materials will be handed over from the offices of the returning officers to the election presidents and the electoral staff as well as the security personnel will be taken to the polling stations. Once voting is complete, the election staff along with the poll books will be handed over to security personnel and then to returning officers. A separate vehicle was made available for each polling station. The complete file of vehicles, electoral staff and security personnel assigned to the electoral service is available from the Electoral Commission and particular attention will be paid to their transport,” he explained.

While briefing on actions taken in case of breach of code of conduct, he said that district watch officers in 20 precincts took immediate action in case of breach of code of conduct. He said that notices have been issued against announcements of development projects, participation in election campaigns of public holders, aerial shootings and violent speeches and fines have also been issued in this regard. “So far, fines of Rs 577,500 have been issued for breaches of the code of conduct,” he concluded.


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