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The political season in the Bluegrass never ends — not even on a Saturday morning, when a Kentucky gubernatorial candidate drove to downtown Somerset to meet and greet the public.

Savannah Maddox, one of several Republican gubernatorial candidates in the 2023 election, fell at the Lake Cumberland Farmers’ Market at the Citizens’ National Bank Pavilion on Saturday around 9 a.m. as one of many stops in the region during the day, the others in London and Corbin.

Maddox, a state representative from District 61 in northern Kentucky, including her Grant County home, is known as a conservative member of the state legislature and an outspoken critic of the use of state powers. emergency by current Kentucky Democratic Governor Andy Beshear in response to COVID-19.

Rather than giving a speech or presentation, Maddox simply toured the market and had conversations with those who approached her or were otherwise interested.

“It was an absolute delight,” she told the Commonwealth Journal. “I’ve been to (this) area a multitude of times, but it’s always a privilege to come back. I’m just grateful that people are willing to come out and take their time and engage in a discussion of this magnitude, because it tells me that people are paying attention and taking charge of their future.”

Maddox said in her discussions with potential voters, it’s become clear to her that Kentuckians are ready for a change and are excited for the opportunity to support what she called an “authentic Republican” who will “lead from the front” and work to redefine the proper role of government in the lives of citizens.

“I feel like a lot of people have opened their eyes to the true cost of government overpowering, in the context of Andy Beshear shutting down our economy, shutting down businesses, churches and schools for so many years. a long time,” she said. “Really, I think it’s just a symptom of a much bigger problem. And now that many Kentucky families are dealing with high gas prices and inflation on virtually every goods and services they buy, I think a lot of people are looking for our next governor to be someone who has the guts and the experience to make tough decisions, because it’s going to take tough decisions to get us back on track prosperity. “

Speaking about her fellow GOP members, the Lifetime Registered Republican and former party chairwoman for her county said they all bring “a unique perspective” to the table, though she said that in particular, Kentuckians are looking for someone with a proven track record of standing up for what they say they believe.

“I stood up to Andy Beshear from day one of lockdowns and mandates, while my competition in this race they waited a long time for it to become politically expedient or popular for them to jump on the bandwagon “, she said. “I think that sets me apart. I think the next governor of Kentucky will be a Republican, it’s just a function of, will it be a genuine Republican like (Florida Governor) Ron DeSantis, who will fight for constitutional rights and freedoms, or another ‘passive to get along’ moderate who is afraid to take decisive action?”

She said, as an example of the above, that she is the only gubernatorial candidate in Kentucky willing to speak out publicly against “red flag laws” regarding gun ownership.

Maddox also noted that the main things she would like to do if elected governor include reducing labor force participation rates among able-bodied adults and reforming the state’s tax code.

“We need to abolish income tax and enact a tax reform package that doesn’t just pass additional taxation onto other areas of the tax code,” she said. “Every time you reduce income tax or abolish it, there will be a shortage of revenue that will have to be made up somewhere. … That is why it must coincide with significant cuts in public spending Any tax reform package that we strive to be either revenue negative or revenue neutral to ensure that we are good stewards of taxpayers’ money.”

Maddox’s challengers in next year’s Republican primary include Daniel Cameron, David Cooper, Eric Deters, Mike Harmon and Ryan Quarles.


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