Healthy Eating Campaign Returns in February


Veg Power and ITV’s award-winning Eat Them To Defeat Them campaign returns for its fourth year in February 2022.

Veg Power and ITV’s award-winning Eat Them To Defeat Them campaign, which has already proven effective in increasing vegetable intake among children, returns for its fourth year.

This year’s campaign is expected to reach 1 million children nationwide and aims to encourage children and their families to adopt healthy eating habits throughout life.

Children across the UK vegetable consumption levels consistently fail to meet government recommendations. The latest National Food and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) revealed that almost a third (29%) of primary school-aged children eat less than one serving of vegetables a day.

As vegetables are an essential source of vitamins, minerals and fiber and a key part of a healthy diet, these low levels of consumption suggest that the nutritional intake and overall health of our children may be compromised.

Research from Norwich University also found that children who ate five times a day had better mental health, suggesting that the benefits of eating vegetables extend beyond our physical health.

The Eat ’em to Beat ’em campaign gets them to eat more vegetables by combining the power of advertising with a school curriculum.

It brings together a huge alliance including TV advertising, celebrities, supermarkets, chefs, schools, communities and families.

During the 2021 campaign, 59% of children in the program started eating more vegetables, leading to widespread support for the campaign’s return.

Dan Parker, Managing Director of Veg Power, said: “We know that vegetable consumption levels need to be dramatically improved – for the benefit of our health, our well-being and our planet.

“We also know that Eat Them To Defeat Them works and that children are eating more vegetables because of their involvement, but we need to widen the reach and get more schools and local authorities to join us in accomplish our mission this year.”

Rebecca Stevens, Registered Nutritionist at Veg Power, added, “If you’re worried about your child’s mood, behavior and learning, a good place to start is with their diet. Studies show that the best diet for good mood, behavior and learning is one that includes a regular diet and a variety of foods with 2-3 handfuls of vegetables a day,”

Susie Braun, Director of Social Purpose at ITV, said: “It has never been more important to make sure our children eat well, and the best way to do that is to make it fun. Eat Them to Defeat Them has proven to be an incredibly effective way to change children’s food choices, and ITV is proud to be behind it again,”

Eat Them to Defeat Them 2022 will return as a seven-week program from February 12 to April 1, backed by a £3m advertising campaign courtesy of ITV, Channel 4, Sky and with backing from various supermarkets , including Aldi and Tesco.

The school program will launch on February 28, just after the ads first appeared, and will run for five weeks with a different family favorite vegetable featured each week.

Last year across the UK the campaign reached 468,000 children from 1,800 primary schools and since its launch in February 2019 has resulted in the sale of an additional 517 million servings of children’s vegetables.


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