Herts Chamber of Commerce Go Green and Grow Campaign


2:00 PM July 23, 2022

A network of Hertfordshire businesses is at the forefront of the county’s drive to reach net zero by 2050.

Fourteen members of the Chamber of Commerce create a cross-industry focus group as part of the Herts Chamber’s Go Green and Grow campaign.

The initiative will encourage businesses across the county to share their knowledge and experience of the steps they have already taken to achieve net zero.

Chamber CEO Briege Leahy said: “We want businesses in Hertfordshire to lead the way when it comes to carbon efficiency and with the increasing pace of new legislation impacting business in this area, it is essential to understand what action can and should be taken.”

Briege Leahy, CEO of the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce
– Credit: Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce

Hertfordshire County Council has committed in its Sustainable Strategy 2020 to be a zero greenhouse gas county by 2050, the target set by the government.

The first objective of the Go Green and Grow group is to support organizations in obtaining accreditation for their reporting of Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

These are emissions that a company owns or controls; for example, premises or vehicles and electricity consumption.

The group will host an interactive workshop at the Hertfordshire Chamber’s Sustainability Conference in October, when delegates will be asked to take the relevant information to begin their emissions reporting on the day.

Briege said, “As a county, we face a huge challenge to reduce our emissions. But we have members who have already taken the first steps and their skills and expertise will be invaluable in supporting others.

“It’s not just about checking the boxes to flag legislation, it’s about taking action to protect our county for future generations.”

The first companies to join the focus group are Apsley Paper Trail Trust; Boffin Laboratory; CAE Technologies; Cariad Marketing; Croft Communications; Ecoserve; Are you ; Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce based in Old Hatfield; Hillier Hopkins; JPA workspaces; KGK Genix; Net Zero International, Rothamsted Research; and SA law.

The Chamber Sustainability Conference will be held at Rothamsted Enterprises, Harpenden on Friday 21st October. For more information, click on here.

Based at York House in Salisbury Square, Old Hatfield, the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce works to build long-term economic prosperity and the success of the local economy by championing the county and its businesses.

For more information on the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce visit www.hertschamber.com.


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