Hunter Schafer shows many facets in new Prada – Rain campaign


Prada invited three legendary visual artists to capture Euphoria star, Hunter Schaferfor the new Prada Symbol handbag campaign. Catherine Opie, Thomas Ruffand Carrie Mae Weems captures the Prada Symbol handbag and actor in a series of three portraits.

Three artists, three facets of Prada, three different points of view.

“Each series of images connects to a canon of artistic expression: Opie’s work revolves around the body and identity, new codes of beauty – his images seem to carve Schafer into a series of triangles, merging woman and object, Ruff reinterprets ready-made images, distorting and manipulating reality – the objective value of a photograph, she questions our ideas about the image.Finally, Weems links her imagery to the concepts of identity, representation, of projection – notions of transformation and courage.

The Prada symbol is a new emblem concept, inspired by Prada’s iconic triangle. The logo was designed by Prada founder Mario Prada in 1913 as a mark of quality, craftsmanship and a symbol of luxury. Additionally, for the new handbag, the triangle symbol becomes a luxurious jacquard woven into the fabric of the handbag itself. In short, the triangle continues to serve as a symbol of Prada’s ethos: past, present, future.

Hunter Schaefer for the Prada The Symbol campaign by Carrie mae Weems
prada symbol handbag hunter schafer catherine opie
Hunter Schafer for the Prada The Symbol campaign by Catherine Opie
prada symbol handbag hunter schafer thomas ruff
Hunter Schafer for the Prada The symbol campaign by Thomas Ruff


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