ICEFOX: a portable beverage cooler unveils a Kickstarter campaign


ICEFOX is designed with brilliant features to enhance your drinking experience this summer. The project is now seeking backers and is live on Kickstarter.

Hong Kong, China – ICEFOX is an innovative portable rapid cooler that can chill any drink in minutes and keep it cold for hours. This innovative product is packed with great features that make it a must-have for any party or get-together. The product has been designed with care and is designed to delight users with its versatile and useful features. The creators are proud to present their flagship product that allows you to enjoy the perfect cold drink anywhere and anytime. ICEFOX has launched a Kickstarter campaign that promises exclusive early bird rewards.

“The perfect glass of your favorite beverage, anywhere, anytime. That’s what ICEFOX delivers. We’re proud to launch our locally-designed beverage cooler that’s more than a machine. It’s a way of life,” says ICEFOX’s Luo. “Designed using the latest technology, we’ve invented the most efficient and reliable way to chill your beverages. We’re always looking to bring innovation to our range. of products.

ICEFOX has a patented ICICLE technology that cools the liquid much faster and keeps it at the optimum temperature for much longer. It does not require any type of icing or pre-chilling process. The integrated smart cap indicates the temperature of your drink.

The product incorporates several smart functions. It offers lower power consumption, higher efficiency and longer life. The product team did a brilliant job with their overflowing imagination and came up with a product that should be a clear winner in its product category.

The ICEFOX beverage cooler is the perfect addition to any home. It can be a unique and unforgettable gift for your friends and family. ICEFOX can be used to cool any beverage such as wine, beer, lemonade, fruit juices, etc. The cooler can keep your drink tasting great for longer. Most people hate ice cubes because they tend to diminish the flavor of your drink over time by diluting its taste. However, with a beverage cooler, you will always have a perfect tasting cold drink. These coolers can be useful for any indoor or outdoor party and event. They’re portable, so you can even carry them around for picnics, camps, or if you’re traveling on vacation.

“ICEFOX is made with premium materials to enhance its durability and extend its lifespan,” says Luo. “We are committed to providing only the best quality products to our consumers. All our products are thoroughly tested before being put on the market.

The ICEFOX team did extensive research and brainstorming to design this new product. Led by visionary management and supported by an experienced product team, this next-generation liquid cooler is poised to script spectacular success.

To support this project, go to the Kickstarter campaign page located on the web at:

The project team offers several attractive early bird offers to the project backers. More product details and offers are available on its Kickstarter campaign page.


ICEFOX is a portable beverage cooler which is designed to quickly chill any drink. It can also maintain beverage temperature for hours. The product is available in a variety of colors and styles.

ICEFOX has a professional technical team focusing on R&D and manufacturing of outdoor electrical products and ice utensils. The team has two decades of experience in electrical R&D and production and has gained credibility with its users.

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To support the project, visit the Kickstarter Campaign page at:

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