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Iceland will continue to support its customers by promoting the NHS Healthy Start program on 81 million bottles in England, Wales and Northern Ireland with its message “Could you get this milk for free?” country.

The campaign special “Could you get this milk for free?” the bottles will hit shelves from today, with an additional nine million bottles of branded milk also supporting Best Start Foods in Scotland.

To support the launch, the retailer also teamed up with TV presenter Chris Bavin who delivered free milk and vegetables along with the pledge of free milk for the year to the Action for Children center he visited.

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Bavin also works closely with UK charity Action for Children, which helps vulnerable children and young people and their families support children living in food poverty.

The delivery made by Bavin featured a delivery van with a large “Could you get this milk for free?” branding and QR code – linked to the NHS Healthy Start website where people can immediately check their eligibility and apply.

The vans are designed to travel in areas with low usage in Manchester and London – to raise awareness and encourage usage for those who qualify.

The move after various support measures amid the cost of living crisis, with Iceland launching a £1 price freeze and testing ethical credit for groceries.

“I’m proud that Iceland is the driving force behind such a simple yet innovative approach to helping low-income families access healthy, free food at a time when the cost of living crisis is really hitting home. “, said Iceland Foods managing director Richard Walker.

“I look forward to Iceland’s efforts over the next few weeks to bring adoption to a higher level than before, and by helping to promote this important program on Icelandic milk bottles, I really hope that we can help those in need during this difficult time.”

Bavin added: “The work that Iceland and charities such as Action for Children are doing to let people know that these benefits are there is amazing and I’m so happy to be able to play a part in highlighting that.”

“All children deserve a good start in life and getting that message across on milk bottles – and from there onto people’s tables – could be life changing, especially for those struggling the most with the current cost crisis. of life.”

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