Jägermeister launches a travel retail campaign


Mast-Jägermeister SE launched a major new global travel retail campaign, celebrating the return of travellers.

Initially staged for eight weeks, The secret is you activation is live at five major European airports, Bucharest, Budapest, Vienna and amsterdam until July 31 and Hamburg until the end of August.

Every space at Jägermeister Airport becomes an outpost of Kühl Ice Cream Gallerypresenting multimedia art exhibitions that directly involve consumers in the artistic process, which becomes its secret ingredient.

The Secret is You activation invites consumers to become Jägermeister artists. The pop-up is a digital art experience that encourages people to express themselves, creating their own “masterpiece” and then sharing their experience on social media.

Attracted by LED screens, visitors start with a frozen photo of the liqueur and pose in front of the Jägermeister tripod to become part of the Jägermeister world. They choose from animated artistic backgrounds, including one for each of the individual cities, to relive their best nights and create their own masterpiece in which they are the hero. Submissions are shared on the giant screen in store, online in the Ice Kühl gallery and on social media. They receive the digital version of their poster by email and a printed version in a branded cardboard tube.

Jägermeister Vice President Global Travel Retail, Tobias Wittesaid: “The creative idea captures the essence of the connection between Jägermeister, art and our consumers.

“The Secret is You once again welcomes passengers and invites them to celebrate the journey and the best nights to come, placing travelers at the heart of activation and positioning Jägermeister as the instigator of remarkable experiences.”

“This activation stands out in a crowded environment, as we leverage the progressive spirit of Jägermeister and transform our airport spaces into platforms for consumers to manifest their own artistic vision. Our target audience of urban life artists strives for fun times and adventures of self-fulfillment. Our role is to fulfill their ambition and provide new territory where they can explore the originality of Jägermeister,” said Stephanie Cleary, Jägermeister Trade Marketing Director, Global Travel Retail.

The company says recent research reveals that more than eight in ten shoppers (83%) said the digital experience is as important as the in-store experience. More than half say they value experiences more than products, and among millennials the trend is even higher with seven in ten shoppers prioritizing experiences.

Witte said: “As shoppers return to stores after repeated lockdowns and travel bans, retailers need to focus on delivering more stress-free immersive experiences using cutting-edge technology and brands need to meet the consumer expectations and improve the customer experience, with first digital encounters.”


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