Korea National Police Agency’s campaign gives people who cannot speak a voice


Cheil Worldwide is partnering with the Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) to launch the “Knock-Knock” campaign to promote 112 police emergency call solutions that allow people who are unable to speak to ask for help. police assistance by simply pressing the handset.

The Knock Knock campaign is announced to reach out to hidden victims of domestic violence, as many cases of such violence may have gone unreported to the police since the covid-19 outbreak.

According to the “White Paper on Public Safety to Protect Socially Disadvantaged People” released by KNPA in June, domestic violence cases reported to police in South Korea saw a significant drop of 9% last year from 2019. Experts say this does not indicate a decrease in domestic violence itself, but is due to the fact that victims cannot even make emergency calls because they have to stay in the same space as the aggressor while contact with the outside is limited.

With the new solution, people who cannot speak but need police assistance can dial 112 and, when passed to the police, double-press any number as if they sent a Morse code. Then the police call handler will send the caller a clickable link which will immediately allow the police to track the caller’s location and identify the scene through the caller’s phone camera in real time. The solution also supports secret chat mode with a user interface similar to the Google search page so that the caller can communicate with the police with minimal exposure.

“Through the Knock-knock campaign, we hope our silent 112 emergency call system will become a lasting solution where any citizen in danger can reach out and any police officer can respond quickly,” an official from the agency said. Korean National Police Agency.

KNPA and Cheil Worldwide worked closely together to improve the initial idea by reflecting feedback from police officers in 112 crisis rooms and connecting to KNPA’s 112 emergency call service. The Knock Knock campaign spans digital, social media, radio and outdoor advertising. The campaign also involved the silent training of 112 call response officers in 112 police crisis rooms across the country.

This is the second time Cheil Worldwide has partnered with KNPA, following the Hope Tape campaign in 2020, which had a mission to help find long-lost children.


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