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“We talk about the importance of net zero, not only because it reduces carbon emissions, but because it provides future economic opportunities. This reduces the national security threats we face, which means we will have to rely less on overseas oil and gas, as our vehicles will run on electricity and hydrogen.

“These are the things that make the difference. While our opponents, when Zali Steggall talks about protecting and conserving the environment, her campaign took a $100,000 donation from a coal mine that belonged to Eddie Obeid. When she talks about integrity, her campaign then hid that money. Gladys Berejiklian resigned as prime minister because she had a consensual relationship which she did not disclose.

“Sophie Scamps will not tell us where all the money comes from. She won’t tell us what deal she had to do to get it. She will not even tell us who she will support to be Prime Minister in the next legislature.

“They talk about protecting women and creating safe workplaces, but no one in my campaign has been charged with assault. A Sophie Scamps campaign agent showed up at a Katherine Deves campaign event and was accused by police of assault.

“In the last election, one of Zali Steggall’s campaign workers stabbed a Liberal volunteer with a corkscrew and was charged and convicted of two counts of assault. Is this what integrity will mean in the future?

“We have three weeks for this campaign. If you help be my voice for the next three weeks, I will be your voice for the next three years in Canberra,” said Mr. Falinski to the applause of the crowd.

The violent incident mentioned by Mr Falinski occurred at the Forestville RSL Club on Friday April 22, when a man, who had claimed to be a “campaign worker” to various people present at the event, allegedly ” dashed” towards Mrs Deves and got involved in a fight with two of his companions who intercepted him.

New South Wales Police have charged the man with assault and he is being summoned to appear in Manly Local Court on May 25. Dr Scamps declined to comment on the man’s connection to his campaign at the time, but it is understood his volunteer status with the campaign was terminated due to a breach of the campaign’s code of conduct .

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