Lord Hanuman enters election campaign as MP


A few days ago there was a dispute in some parts of the country regarding the recitation of Hanuman Chalisa. Now Hanuman ji himself has entered the municipal elections in Madhya Pradesh. The Bharatiya Janata Party complained to the state election commission after seeing the photo of Congress veteran and former CM Kamal Nath with Hanuman ji.

In fact, in the midst of the Chhindwara Municipal Corporation elections, the Congress social media department released a poster. A large image of Hanuman ji can be seen on the poster. A “chaupai” (four line stanza) of Hanuman Chalisa is also written on this poster. Apart from this, the photo of Kamalnath, his MP son Nakul Nath and the district party mayoral candidate, Vikram Ahake is also visible.

It is said that while being the CM, Kamal Nath had made a huge idol of Hanuman ji in his hometown of Chhindwara and this photo is of the same idol. But the BJP opposed this poster. The party says Congress is seeking votes for Hanuman ji in city polls.

A BJP delegation has called on state election commissioner Basant Pratap Singh to take action. While complaining to the state Election Commission, the party said the code of conduct was continually violated by Congress. The BJP also demanded an immediate ban on Congress leaders from campaigning.

Chairman of the State Youth Congress, Vikrant Bhuria, while clarifying this matter, said that the BJP is giving an air of strength to this matter. On the other hand, BJP Yuva Morcha had recited Hanuman Chalisa a week ago and had a bicycle rally.


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