Lumenco, expert in anti-counterfeiting micro-optics, launches a crowdfunding campaign


Englewood, Colorado – July 29, 2022 – Lumenco Inc., a diversified technology company specializing in micro-optics and anti-counterfeiting systems, has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Founded in 2012, Lumenco began as an anti-counterfeit banknote company. It has over 40 patents in lens and micro-mirror based platforms and has become a valued technology provider to industry worldwide.

For years, countries have relied on holography as a standard defense against counterfeit currency. Unfortunately, now that European holograms have become easier to acquire, the vulnerability of holography has signaled its eventual obsolescence. Micro-optics, which are much harder to counterfeit, have become the technology of the future, and Lumenco is one of two or three legitimate sources of this technology.

“The demise of printed money has never happened, and it’s unlikely to happen any time soon,” said Mark Raymond, co-founder and CEO of Lumenco. “The current valuation of $40 million with a proposed preferred stock offering makes this an excellent investment opportunity.”

There is a huge market for all of Lumenco’s proprietary technologies, including its revolutionary multi-color micro-optical anti-counterfeiting feature, the first of its kind ever. Due to rising inflation and other systemic economic issues, governments around the world are printing more currency than ever before. Counterfeiting is also on the rise, and these governments are painfully aware of the need to secure their currencies.

Lumenco has worked hard not only to develop creative and superior technology, but also to establish unique connections and licensing agreements with the biggest companies in the money industry. Lumenco expects its profits to reach $10 million per year over the next four years; in the longer term, Lumenco plans to transition to significant royalty income, with estimates of $50-100 million over the next 10 years in foreign exchange alone. Lumenco also expects an exit for investors within the next three to four years, either as an acquisition target or through an IPO.

“Lumenco has a sense of urgency to transition to an exit strategy,” said Lumenco co-founder and vice president for research and development, Hector Porras. “Lumenco mitigates risk as an established company and offers high reward potential.”

For more information about Lumenco and its crowdfunding campaign, visit its crowdfunding page.

About Lumenco:

Lumenco Inc. is a diversified, development-stage technology company specializing in micro-optics and holds more than 40 patents in 30 countries in industries ranging from currency, lighting, brand protection to solar and digital technologies. electromagnetic shielding. Our micro-optical technologies represent a platform that has applications in a wide range of diverse markets and industries. Lumenco™ is poised for significant growth and is primed with market-ready technologies that demonstrate significant technological and competitive advantage over competitors in our industry.

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